Litany Of Lucifer

Almost all the others have had success with it, including myself, other magicians and students of mine. The issue is most of the time it’s a matter of one’s own ability and receptivity rather than the thing itself.

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It’s just a matter of trial and error my friend


Thank you brother for your response.
I know i am in the correct path.
I have worked previously with the grimorium verum for many years (almost eleven years) but now i have changed the way i contact the entities. I have accepted Satanism as my religion and i try to contact the same spirits in an other way than i used to do before.
I know that emperor Lucifer was with me when i perform the litany but the disappointment is that i didn’t have any manifestation. Nothing at all.
Not a single sight.
As i mentioned before i will continue to work with this litany cause i want to have contact with emperor Lucifer.
Thanks again for your response.

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That isn’t the job of the litany, if you know Lucifer is with you then you did indeed have manifestation, what your actually referring to is the visual appearance of the spirit.

The moment we speak a spirits name we are gathering their energy, when name is spoken plus their enn, titles and so forth. The energy accumulates until its standing there but most people who aren’t receptive cannot see it so they believe it isn’t there, this is an incorrect assumption.

The spirit is there, you aren’t connected to it, or are not aligned to it, or are not in trance as deep as you should be, or you are yet to be able to perceive spirits at will.


Believe me brother i had full manifestation of spirits when i was working with grimorium verum.
It was a deferent path.
I also had poltergeist phenomena in my house for the following days of the ritual.
I know what it means to manifest a spirit.
But now that i change my path and i want to contact the spirits in a more “friendly” way i didn’t have manifestation.
I believe that i am capable to full manifest a spirit.
I have done it before.
With another path.
Why not now?

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Good evening.
Coming back to this topic i want to confess some incidents i experience this week during the litany.
I was in a very dimed light room of my house. Opening the sigil. Sigil disappeared totally. I haven’t seen any flashes or coming out in a 3D way but it completely disappeared.
Then out of the corner of my left eye i saw a bright white/yellow light. I turned to look but it was gone. I focused again on the sigil, start to chant the enn. Light is back.
I didn’t turn this time.
I continued with the litany. Clearly i could feel the energy shifting in the room and sudden chills run through my body.
I will continue with the litany of Lucifer.
I know that it’s me that i have to work so i can communicate with the entities.
Hail Lucifer.


Well…the vision I got after chanting this was interesting

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Care to share?

Sure, I saw a being of light with 2 horns on fire and his arms extended to me and open


That’s such an interesting way to present himself to you.


I didn’t expect it tbh. I have a better understanding of his masks now, so I figured why not try this

I meditate first and when I feel relaxed I gaze at his sigil and read the litany out loud, facing east. Is this the right way to go about it?

The other night I meditated and said out loud this short prayer I came up with, then I listened to his enn before going to bed. I did feel some sort of dense energy around me and during the night, half-awake I found myself saying “thanks” repeatedly to something/someone in my dreams, right hand in my chest. Next day I felt lighter and joyous, with no worries and randomly found three rings at work, apparently someone forgot em, one of them being a serpent, the other one was some sort of symbol and the last one was just plain. Would you say I was able to contact him? I’ve been feeling like this for days; full of peace.

But you won’t see him if you’re a begginer or don’t have your Astral Senses open
How do you know if he’s there?
How does Lucifer’s Presence feel?