Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

Bit harsh? Suggesting people do some divination is a more constructive way to rule out possible imagination. :+1:


100% agree! The whole succubus thing has a bad rep. I get that there are a few wandering Succubi and Incubi that show up uninvited and do a lot of damage. That surely happens but if you invite the situation properly and through Lilith - you will end up with one helluva valuable new family member. They do a lot more than spiritual booty calls contrary to popular ideology. They may not be actual demons but they are in the spirit realm, they know way more than any magician and will teach if you let them. Additionally , they are remarkably protective of the family if that is your wish. Again, the whole relationship needs to be initiated by you and done properly though. Never a good idea to simply say, I want a succubus then accept whatever floats through the window. I asked Orlee Stewart to help me initiate such a relationship and since she and JD Temple are a couple and I worked with him before, he chose to assist her. Very appreciated too. I have had a very pleasant experience since then. No complaints at all. Very beneficial relationship.


Ok so I have a situation and since a lot of people are asking a variety of questions on this thread as I’ve been reading it so it seems like a good place to ask.

I’ve felt a presence around me for several months and had been seeing a pair of red eyes frequently, I never tried to evoke anyone but after reading a lot about Succubi I became partially convinced that it could be one of them and has perhaps been around me for a long time, sleep paralysis when I was younger and things like that.
So the other night I thought I’d just try asking outloud whether it was Lilith and heard a voice in my head that was not my own say yes. So I asked if there was some way she could give me a sign and then felt an intense wave of sexual pleasure wash over me unlike anything I’ve felt before. I’ve since talked to her each day and been feeling quite strong emotions about things I normally wouldn’t feel much toward, like me feeling something is felt by her and then reflected back to me two fold, similar to how one would laugh with a partner. I haven’t felt much in the way of completely physical sensations other than sometimes as if my shoulders are being rubbed or I’m being hugged when I go to bed, still these feelings are not particularly vivid, just very much felt. And the sexual feelings that are usually quite intense.

I don’t really have much knowledge on the subject and don’t want to just arrogantly assume or offend anyone (she seems very sweet) but I’m also not particularly keen if this is just some parasite or something trying to decieve me.
Is this normal Succubus behaviour? Does any of this sound familiar? Any light you can shed on the subject would be very much appreciated.

What should I do, being bisexual? Can they change forms or what happens? Sorry, I am new to this. Any advice is appreciated! I hope to learn more!

So pretty much this ALSO works in summoning an Incubus? And can you do it when siblings are sleeping somewhat far from your roon even with the door closed?

Welcome @Lotus1. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

If I’m reading your posts in this thread correctly, your a BDSM submissive to female Doms. Maybe she was giving you some pain play? Maybe she’s engaging you as you deeply want.

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So I did the ritual this morning - wrote and burned up the letter to Lilith.

Used a lighter to burn it up at 9 AM. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t work because of my timing and using a cheap bic lighter instead of a candle. I gotta say though… I think it may have.

Right after I started making a coffee and started feeling the tingly touches and arousal, which continued throughout the morning. I felt weirdly giddy and loopy all day until I left the house to go for a run.

I meditated a bit and tried to tap in to my “clairaudience,” but I’ve never done anything like that before so I wasn’t able to hear anything. Anyway while meditating the most horrendous bird I have ever heard started chirping outside my window, it sounded like a dull saw trying to cut through carpet. And then my smoke detector gave off one single beep which spooked me a little bit.

I guess I see what happens when I go to bed. I don’t think the ritual intends for the practitioner to get up in the morning and do it and then go about their day. ah well haha


The past week I feel like I keep getting spiritually harassed. Not in a good or nice way. I have been trying to meditate to open my 3rd eye and all that. but I’ve been getting punked every time I meditate. I do not have time to be haunted or cursed, ya know? I need sleep and to get up early for work and stuff. But certain weird coincidences keep occurring and yesterday I received an obscene and unwanted visualization.


Can you be more specific about the strange occurrences and the spiritual harassments? What’s the context with you being “punked” while meditating? What was the “obscene and unwanted visualization”?

I wouldn’t ask these questions if you were more specific in what’s bothering you after you did this ritual.

Sorry, I was hoping to get away with the generalization. Ah well. In the past I meditated daily for the better part of two years, just for stress and anxiety stuff, and had never been interrupted.

Now the past week something different has forced me to stop every single day. I’ll just go over some of the interruptions. Constant doors slamming, repeatedly, for 20 minutes. Various alarms that I can’t pinpoint where they’re coming from. On Wednesday my phone spent 20 minutes buzzing me out of focus - random wrong number calls, texts and notifications.

Yesterday I had the bright idea to write another letter of intent, this one to Namaah, just because I was starting to feel I’d been rejected and maybe would be better off with a different spirit? Anyway car alarms started going off as I put the pen to paper, wind chimes, and thunder & lightning struck as I finished “To Namaah.” So I stopped the letter.

I did a bit of research and found this topic: Basic Limpia

So I decided to do that cleansing and went to grab an egg. While on my way to my kitchen to grab the egg I experienced a feeling of dread and impending punishment. I suddenly visualized myself in bed. A large demon, completely black in color, powerwalked in my room towards me with a sinister grin on its face. That’s it. Maybe I just need to cut back on caffeine

Very strange occurrences, indeed. But it doesn’t have any succubus/incubus characteristics, as I can see. Your experiences is more like a paranormal event with strange circumstances. Sure, I’ve experienced some strange stuff over the years, but it was within the context of the presence of my spirits and what they partially represent; Sex, intimacy, love, influence, magic and rituals.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t the result of your ritual, but I can’t connect the dots of it being related to succubus entities. Poltergeist mixed with signs of premonitions, perhaps? Or maybe it’s the spirits way of introduction? Some spirits seems to love making an entrance.


I so do not have time to be haunted by a spirit Ashton Kutcher. :unamused:

Just remembered another “thing” - Tuesday, right before the only normal and productive meditation session of the week, I looked out my backyard and there were 2 corvids just prancing along right by my house. A magpie and a crow or raven. They stopped and stared at me for a good 10 seconds before I closed the blinds lol. Definitely fine, and cool, when the corvids stare you down.


When you have some free time could you please send me a private message? It’s in relation to several things that have been said, questions asked within the 507 comments. lol

I am just trying to understand some things (newbie within the word’s aspects, however experiencing sights, sounds, feeling’s and emotions since young child)

Any help or insight would be appreciated :two_hearts:

Xoxo :crown::smiling_imp::kiss:


Would a similar ritual and letter asking Lilith to remove an incubus/succubus that is preying on someone and causing problems work as well? I could really use such help.

Amazing tutorial! I just have a few more questions though.
• Is it safe to do this with others around?
• Is it like making a servitor?
• Is it safe for a younger teen to do this?

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I’m not the mighty @succupedia but, in my opinion:

1: Yes, though you will require a place for private time when necessary (unless you like having sex in front of others, of course).

2: No. You are not creating these spirits. They are independent of you.

3: Define “younger teen?” Succubi and incubi are spirits that require sexual energy. I would think puberty would be at least the absolute minimum age requirement.

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Oooooof. No thanks. XD

Like… 14-16.

I wonder how much sexual energy this current craves? I often wonder if as you get older and older do these spirits turn their nose up on older humans? Some lose their cravings entirely? How does our inner spirit look compared to our outer body shell? Its something I just can’t sense though it seems my own inner feels far younger than my outer and I have to double check that in public many times. When I look in the mirror then I realize…… I’m getting old.

I’m also getting impatient too and I seem to get injured a lot more so spirit sex seems like a far better option for the aged or brittle fleshed.

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In my opinion, 14 would be too young, as most are too immature to properly navigate a human relationship, let alone a life long spiritual one.

At 16, I would say it depends on the individual. 16 year olds are still immature, but they are at the stage in life where they are beginning to solidify their sense of Self and come into their own, and so may be able to handle it (the age of consent for physical sex in most places, with some exceptions, is considered to be 16 so that could be taken into consideration as well).

Sometimes, a succubus, like other spirits, may already be by one’s side, but will not reveal herself unless called. If I remember correctly, one of @succupedia’s wives has been with him all his life but it was only when he made the call that she became an active companion.