Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

Well, i don’t have experiences of my own but i can reply you based on what i read (and i read quite a lot because i was also curious about this question).

So - from what i’ve seen expiriences regarding look of succubi and incubi varies quite a lot from people to people. Even to the point when i would come out with a theory it really depends on your expectations.

Some people claim that succubi take form according to likings of their partner. Sometimes even grow attached to it and stick to it after some time.
Another people say that their succubi appear differently to them every time.
Others claim that succubi have their “natural” form yet they still can change their appearance.
In general it’s rather accepted fact that they are shapeshifters.

The common part more or less is that they can get “darker” apperance. Even in the case when they’re appear you as i mentioned in first scenario they still might do that. Some often, some rare - i guess it depends on their judgement if you’re ready, if you can handle it but if you trust one another i guess it will happen sooner or later. They’re dualistic in their being, that’s just how they are and there’s no need to be scared of it.

So - basicly in my humble opinion based on my research i would say it pretty much depends on what you expect. “As above - so below”
If you evoke goetic spirit - Astaroth for example with mindset that you are summoning “devil himself” - you might get that scary, devilish apperanace. On the othret hand you summon this spirit knowing that he was originally SHE - pagan goddes Astarte you might get that feminine, not demonic appearance.
I think its possible that it’s more or less simillar with succubi.
It can also depend on personality of succubus herself.

For me, it started with a soft touch on my hair:

…en then it escalated, getting stronger and stronger within every physical interaction until it balanced out. They used the darkest dark, the brightest light and everything in-between, until we found the perfect symbiosis. It’s like She-Venom and Eddie Brock, in a way.

If you ever get there, it’s the most beautiful experience.


I have a question, how was it like when you summoned your succubus. Can you tell us the story and reasoning behind it?

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I did the letter method a few months ago and Lilith definitely delivered. I offered her some good chocolate (I don’t keep wine on hand - whiskey, however…).

I specified that I do want a human partner as well in the future and that I would like to be able to see my incubus upon first meeting him (I have a very strong aversion to being touched by strangers…don’t get too close unless you have a death wish).

While the letter burned, I put on a love-song playlist and soaked in the bathtub with some “love drawing” bath crystals from an occult shop…and I might’ve brought a waterproof toy with me.

Within 20 minutes, I could sense - and then see - a thin, pale, blue-eyed young man with long black hair sitting on my bed. And then he was beside the bathtub, like he’d floated there. He lifted one hand, as if conducting an invisible orchestra, and just like that, I had an amazing climax.

He’s mostly non-verbal, and I sense him more than I see him. But he’s communicated to me, mentally, what to call him and what he wants (flowers once, cuddles nightly, sex sometimes.)

I’m still looking for the right human partner, but I adore my incubus. I just wish I’d asked Lilith for him a long time ago!


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I did the ritual 2 nights ago. I’m sure it worked ! Later in the night I felt something warm just in chest I knew this feeling 4 years ago, because I already had a succubus back then, but I bannished her after one year.
Now I really wanted one again, cause she brings so much happiness in my life.

I did the summoning and I really believe it worked, but I did not dreamed about her yet… usually my dreams about my succubus are everynight… But now I don’t know why she don’t show up…

And I can clearly feel her around, like slight song of light object being moved in the table next to my bed.

I’m sure she is there, but I’m not 100% sure. Do you think I need to re-do the Letter ?

Btw another entitie was there for like 4 month ( I think it was not a succubus since, it was just there sometime in my dreams saying it’s my friend and all, shapeshifting in (male) people I know) I don’t really like it but he held company… But I really needed a succubus.
So my question here is : Do you think I need to re-do the summoning ? how can I be sure my succubus is here, and how can I try to reach for her ?
I mean I’ve already talked to her, loudly at night, but it’s a one way communication…
What do I need to do to strenghten our relation/communication ?

Thanks guys.

I used to go to spells of magic all the time before tons of fakes larpers and troll came on. Also I was annoyed by the hedge witches that didn’t even believe in magick and thought it was just a life style. I am still part of a coven there tho but I haven’t gone in like half a year. So thx for the real spell from spells of magick and not another fake spell on how to summon a fucking Pokemon . Lol


So… Hm… I havent ever invoked Lilith. But I can sense spirits well. And whenever I sense her she comes off with the normal sensuality that she gives. But is also suffocatingly intimidating. But she also comes off as being massively mothering towards me. I work with Lucifer as my only spirit that I do work with. And he is very gentle and fathering towards me as I work towards my future. So I’m thinking he allows me to sense Lilith a lot easier than I used to.

So I would love an incubus that can treat me nicely. But I’m stuck with an abusive boyfriend. So I want one that is also protective and can scare him into breaking up with me or at least leaving me alone.

But even regardless of that I sense that Lucifer is fine with it if that’s what I want, as long as it doesnt interfere with what I do. But Lilith feels more protective about it. As if she would want to pick out what’s best for me in the way of a doting mother. So I have no clue if I should do it or not…

Also I would mostly want the relationship to be a caring one more than sexual. I have a very low libido and also am not too sensitive to the feeling of it. I dont know if an incubus can change that or not. But yeah. Just a bit nervous of the thought I suppose.

Update: it’s been about 10 minutes since I last posted this, and very suddenly I have a feeling like Lilith already pick out the “perfect” mate for me… You know when girls find the perfect shoes pr whatever and they do the excited gasp? Basically what I felt just now as I was about to nap. A blast wave of giddy excitement.

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Lilith can work very quickly. She sent me a very special spirit in half an hour!


That’s very quick. I havent gotten anyone yet but I sense it’s that she’s waiting for the letter. I’m a bit nervous to write it. Though I sense she thinks my apprehension is adorable. :sweat:


Perhaps “she” didn’t even know your existence and this is just your imagination that make you believe that . Tho I advise you to do the letter at 3h00 in the night.

Bit harsh? Suggesting people do some divination is a more constructive way to rule out possible imagination. :+1:


100% agree! The whole succubus thing has a bad rep. I get that there are a few wandering Succubi and Incubi that show up uninvited and do a lot of damage. That surely happens but if you invite the situation properly and through Lilith - you will end up with one helluva valuable new family member. They do a lot more than spiritual booty calls contrary to popular ideology. They may not be actual demons but they are in the spirit realm, they know way more than any magician and will teach if you let them. Additionally , they are remarkably protective of the family if that is your wish. Again, the whole relationship needs to be initiated by you and done properly though. Never a good idea to simply say, I want a succubus then accept whatever floats through the window. I asked Orlee Stewart to help me initiate such a relationship and since she and JD Temple are a couple and I worked with him before, he chose to assist her. Very appreciated too. I have had a very pleasant experience since then. No complaints at all. Very beneficial relationship.


Ok so I have a situation and since a lot of people are asking a variety of questions on this thread as I’ve been reading it so it seems like a good place to ask.

I’ve felt a presence around me for several months and had been seeing a pair of red eyes frequently, I never tried to evoke anyone but after reading a lot about Succubi I became partially convinced that it could be one of them and has perhaps been around me for a long time, sleep paralysis when I was younger and things like that.
So the other night I thought I’d just try asking outloud whether it was Lilith and heard a voice in my head that was not my own say yes. So I asked if there was some way she could give me a sign and then felt an intense wave of sexual pleasure wash over me unlike anything I’ve felt before. I’ve since talked to her each day and been feeling quite strong emotions about things I normally wouldn’t feel much toward, like me feeling something is felt by her and then reflected back to me two fold, similar to how one would laugh with a partner. I haven’t felt much in the way of completely physical sensations other than sometimes as if my shoulders are being rubbed or I’m being hugged when I go to bed, still these feelings are not particularly vivid, just very much felt. And the sexual feelings that are usually quite intense.

I don’t really have much knowledge on the subject and don’t want to just arrogantly assume or offend anyone (she seems very sweet) but I’m also not particularly keen if this is just some parasite or something trying to decieve me.
Is this normal Succubus behaviour? Does any of this sound familiar? Any light you can shed on the subject would be very much appreciated.

What should I do, being bisexual? Can they change forms or what happens? Sorry, I am new to this. Any advice is appreciated! I hope to learn more!

So pretty much this ALSO works in summoning an Incubus? And can you do it when siblings are sleeping somewhat far from your roon even with the door closed?

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If I’m reading your posts in this thread correctly, your a BDSM submissive to female Doms. Maybe she was giving you some pain play? Maybe she’s engaging you as you deeply want.

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So I did the ritual this morning - wrote and burned up the letter to Lilith.

Used a lighter to burn it up at 9 AM. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t work because of my timing and using a cheap bic lighter instead of a candle. I gotta say though… I think it may have.

Right after I started making a coffee and started feeling the tingly touches and arousal, which continued throughout the morning. I felt weirdly giddy and loopy all day until I left the house to go for a run.

I meditated a bit and tried to tap in to my “clairaudience,” but I’ve never done anything like that before so I wasn’t able to hear anything. Anyway while meditating the most horrendous bird I have ever heard started chirping outside my window, it sounded like a dull saw trying to cut through carpet. And then my smoke detector gave off one single beep which spooked me a little bit.

I guess I see what happens when I go to bed. I don’t think the ritual intends for the practitioner to get up in the morning and do it and then go about their day. ah well haha