Let's Talk: Free Will

Also if we’re the product of something that’s all knowing then I can’t see how free will exists because it knows everything that’s in the past past, present and future when it created you.

it depends who you talk to but not all religious see the “big thing in the sky” as omniscient.
mostly it’s omnipotent.
and omniscient can also be viewed with a layer of time added to it. for example : i know everything as of this point in time. but i lack knowledge of the future, only the past and present. but they learn of the “future” as it happens. so they are still omniscient, just not, future seeing.

another example of this is Buddhism, achieving nirvana is to become omniscient. you know everything and thus obtain a higher state of being. you live in every moment all at once. and exist outside of time. (hence why we don’t see enlightened people walking around everywhere, it’s because they exist outside of time)

in both these instances, TIME plays a factor in maintaining free will. if we did not have “time” then it can be surmised that we would not have free will because all of our decisions choices, etc etc would be played out instantly for both ourselves and everybody else to know so we’d be “born” as it were knowing the outcome already.

a good movie that kind of covers this subject a little bit and what would happen if we were able to see our future choices, plan them out and then choose the correct one for us would be “Mr. Nobody”
it follows the story of the last old man on earth “mr. Nobody” (science having evolved to the point where everybody is esentially immortal due to transplants,) mr. nobody is close to death, and a news paper wants to do a story about his life, so he starts telling the story of his life. except it’s actually about 20 different stories based on the key choices he makes in his life. like in one scene he needs to choose between going with his father, or going with his mother, or going off on his own when they divorce (he’s like 10 at the time ) it’s a very very good movie to watch if you’re interested about free will and how time, or lack there of, plays a factor in our free will.


i like to think of myself as a semi-branch of buddhism, and i value knowledge and the pursuit of nirvana (as stated previously a state of “all knowing”) above everything else.
the “higher self” is an evolution of humanity, on a spiritual level instead of a physical level, where we evole beyond the need for physical bodies, and exist outside of the constraints of “time” we know everything because we exist in everything, at ever moment of every instance. (basicly what “buddha is”/ how and why budda is EVERYTHING if you’re familiar with buddhist beliefs.)

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Errmm, no, I think you are misunderstanding the concept of Higher Self.

It should actually be called the Real Self, it is the only one that is real, the ego (lit. the concept of “i”) is an illusory construct.

This is how I see it:

We are all the selves that we have ever been and will be, all past and future incarnations. The current one is just one among many in a long line of births, lives, deaths and rebirths in various forms.

To the Self, there is no difference between them, they all exist simultaneously, but when we incarnate in a particular point in time and space. we develop a false identity, an illusion of self, the ego, forgetting our real “us” the Higher Self, so to speak. It is that HS which connects all of our various and divergent selves, including the ones that exist in parallel universes and timelines and can therefore give us warnings and send teachings about dangers that lie ahead and corrective actions we can take.


Are we talking about higher selves? Ive drawn mine completely into my body. To me its not really that it any “higher” than me, its about it being the more eternal immutable parts of me. The mold from which im cast in each incarnation.

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Nice straw man. If I shook the foundation of your personal beliefs with my post about NPCs then you still have a lot of learning to do.

If you knew my what my intentions were behind my line of questioning then you would come to the conclusion that I’m trying to inspire critical thinking here.

Yes I believe life is limited in a lot of ways for MOST people but that doesn’t mean I’m limited in these ways because I like to play the devil’s advocate when I ask questions. I have the answers to my silly questions but thats beyond my goal here in this topic. I enjoy this topic.

The only trapping I see people struggling with on this forum is people suffering from inflated egos. They come here boasting about the level of control they have over their lives because of their magick. They ignore anything and everything that indicates their lack of control. Simply put there’s things we all have in common and if we don’t ask the harder questions with a certain level of introspection then we’ll never truly be in control over ourselves.


Actually you didn’t. But if it makes your day go around that I think you’re missing the point in your own view point, then it I don’t care. I get off to weird shit too.

Idk half the forum puts themselves into the same tidy little boxes their religion did. They just label it something else. But since it’s familiar it probably works with them, even if they can’t see it.

The other half are recovering from trauma and need an ego boost. Probably using the wrong outlet, but haven’t we all at some point in life, chosen the wrong way to develop our sense of self worth. :woman_shrugging:


It doesn’t matter to me because I don’t need to be right or validated by my peers in an echo chamber. Like it or not, what I have to say has its own merit or it doesn’t but it does create a knee jerk reaction. If this was about getting off then I wouldn’t be wasting my time here.


Then as adults we can agree to disagree, and go our own ways without it affecting our day :).

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Goddamn, gotta say this has been the most successful lets talk I’ve done so far. I’m happy to see the discussion be so in depth. Might need to make another lets talk sometime soon.

Law of Attraction is a bastardised version of the Law of Assumption (jmo). Law of Assumption, also called Law of Belief/LOB, has nothing to do with “raising your vibrations” or “attracting” anything. Much of it is the same but with some key distinctions in theory and practice. In essence, LOB is simply “assume/believe that you have/are what you wish, persist in believing it regardless of what the material world shows you, and it will harden into fact.” Would recommend Neville Goddard’s books if you wish to read more about it in practice.

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