Lesser banishment alternatives and more

I have a question. Iv been looking on here to try and find an alternative to the lesser banishment but I can’t seem to find one.

I’m looking for one that does not use angels names or the names of God. For most part is because last time I tried to use it in my new space I have, the energies felt conflicted but not so much of something is fighting the banishment ex spirit, but the energies that have gathered wasn’t very compatible. I understand from experience that different places will have naturally different energies and when I do cleansing I found that different types of herbs will affect the space differently. An example is I use to use sage as my go to, but when I moved out to Delaware for a few months the space did not like Sage. It felt like I was forcing the energy to bend unnaturally. So I chose to clear the area with a mix of bay leaf, rosemary and dragons blood and the energy settled down and everything was fine.

So with this I’m just seeing all the other alternatives to the lesser banishment or a type of banishment I could use to clear out the energy. Oh and where I live at the moment anything lit by fire (incense, candles ect) is a no no. Another reason why I’m reaching out for ideas lol.

This is what I use


You can just replace the names with entities of your choosing. LBRP is popular amongst pagans who are wary of God and angels, they just replace the names with their own deities or elements.

You can make your own by breaking down the essential building blocks of a banishing ritual and use the names of your preferred deities or elements.

A demonic variant i use (more or less, it changes at whim):
Face North and say “I call Belial of the North and open the element of earth!” Speak the enn of Belial.
Turn to the East and say the name and enn of Lucifer, and say “I call to Lucifer of the East and open the element of air!” Speak the enn.
To the South: Leviathan, “I call to Leviathan of the South and open the element of water!” Speak the enn.
To the West: “I call to Abaddon of the West and open the element of Fire!” Speak the enn
Face the north again but gesture above and below, then say “I call to Satan in the center, I open the channels of spirit!” Say his enn and repeat Ave Satanas about three or so times.

Another alternative is to simply call and draw out elemental aspects, such as “I open the circle to fire, to burn away impurities” etc and when you call that element, you can do to help empower it, such as flick water around you for water, burn a match (or lighter, even briefly, that way you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for lighting candles etc)

Don’t forget your own body is all elements. Fire, water, earth, air, blood, spirit, metal, light, dark, and any variation thereafter (as many practices have alternatives). Rubbing hands together for friction heat, tapping your foot or hand to the ground for earth, breathing for air, etc.


Thank you everyone for the responses and @MottledZeitgeist I will definitely give those a shot! Though my problem with fire is it likes me a little to much :sweat_smile: So I’ll find away to do that. I do love your ideas!