Last minute supermoon

I created a ritual for healing that tailors to the specific associations and strengths of the February Moon. The full moon for me is tonight (like rn). But due to Christian family members in my household, I preformed my ritual midday while home alone.

What did you do @Mephisto? :slight_smile:

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Last night :

Offering to Lucifer

β€œLetting go of the past” ritual

Tonight -

Made music and meditated on Algiz rune

Tomorrow -

Imbibing a ring with protection powers of Valefor


Is it too late to do it tonight?

The moon grew one day so is elder as yesterday and changed his house. Still as a magician in the magic circle you could claim its power from yesterday. :wink:


newbie here - meaning?

20 of February, Moon is in its 14th house - Azimech: good for Marriage or Divorce, good for Healing workings and Friendships. Moons day 17: very good for new beginnings, for love, friends and friendship. Its Symbol today is the Bell.