Larping or Faking Until You Make

Live action role-playing game

As children we are given toys and told to play. Freedom to find ourselves.

Adults no longer value play. The pure enjoyment of days gone by don’t matter.

Real magic is in that eternal youth. The Sun card in the tarot is the happiest card, even when in reverse.


Pleasure in all aspects of your adult life is real magical talent.





“How beautiful is the black lascivious purity in the hearts of children and wild animals.”

-Victor Anderson, founder of the Feri Tradition of Witchcraft.


Those power poses really work, a few years back when I was in therapy having just constant defeatist thoughts and constantly losing my sense of self, my therapist taught me two poses and breathing exercises. One is called wonder woman - legs spaced shoulder length apart, fists on hips, pelvis out, back straight, head forward or up. And Goddamn, that really did wonders for me and my confidence, same with the pose “superman” or “conqueror” similar but you tilt your upper torso a bit back, arms up and wide, like youre about to hurl a meteor or youre standing infront of a cheering crowd full of admiration. Maybe youre hurling the meteor at the crowd if they stop, maybe :slight_smile: but exercises like that can make a world of difference and really help with picturing doing certain acts in rituals. Also kids fucking rule, I make independent toys and always take advice from kids who enjoy my work, they give ideas that i wouldnt think of, like I’m imaginative but when youre young it’s a whole different world!


That’s pretty cool. I have and will always retain my childlikeness.


The OP-proposed tack is liable to get one Elphias Levi’d.


Despite Levi’s prolific writings, he reportedly only performed one evocation himself. It ended with a successful summoning which terrified him so badly he ran out of the room screaming. He never practiced magic again.


There. Now that´s a thing you know :upside_down_face:

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This reminds me of a Doctor Who episode…Martha asks The Doctor how he manages to travel through time and space and not have anyone hassle him. He tells her the trick is to just walk around like you own the place.


Lmao :joy::joy::joy:

I wonder what he saw.


I am against larping in the occult because, to me, it makes mockery of the craft.

I don’t think magick should be fun, but dignified, and there is no dignity in pretending you are something you are not.


Looking into the Bottomless Pit should drive one completely insane when done right.

he travels through time because it’s a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff

You stare at the void, and the void stares back

I personally dont think that you need to Fake it that much really.

Set your goal and aproach it autenticly as you are with your very whole being.

It doesnt matter if you are unsure or feeling well or not express it as a natural part of you dont supress it with a mask.

You only waste more energy in something that you are not in that moment gather your energy with aproaching this issue wich you has build with your own energy like insecurity and such.

So accept it tolerated it and than transform it in cycles of your own natural speed you will get this energy back and can do with it the hell you want .

Unless you only push it away the issues etc sooner or later you will be faced with it because it is a part of you what makes you.

That is my aproach.


I think this might help people who are just unconfident for just a bit of extra push, to act as if they were better so that they would try stuff they normally wouldn’t. Otherwise I agree with serpentslight, you can’t really do much better than to do it authentically. Idk about others but i never had an experience of faking it till you make it, what happens with faking with me is always that I think I did it but I was just delusional, going the actual distance always just required careful study and analysis and work


I think the term fake it til you make it is the state that we are suppose to be in. It’s like act as if it’s done already. That’s one way to let go after casting spells. Same principle applies to law of attraction. once put energy out there , you act as if your already got it. your not really faking it. your having confidence that the demons already doing your bidding with results achieved already.