Lamashtu-The Heavenly Vampire Goddess

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The Many Faces Of The Queen of Queens- Lamastu


Prayer of Praise to Lamastu, based on Ancient Incantation:
"Great are you, Child of Heaven, who tortures babies, your hands are nets, your embrace is death, you are cruel, angry, predatory. O Child of Heaven, I praise thee!
"A runner, a thief, is the Daughter of Anu, you touch the bellies of women in labour, pulling out the pregnant woman’s baby. O Daughter of Anu, I worship thee!
"She Who Ignites The Wood To The Flame, is one of the God’s, her brothers, with no child of her own. O She who ignites the wood to the flame, I thank thee for your presence in my life!
"Goddess Whose Face Is Wild, whose head is a lions head, whose body is a donkeys body, who moves on the track of the cattle. O Goddess Whose Face Is Wild, I Love Thee!
“Lamastu Marat An, High Lady-Who Answers Prayers, you roar like a lion, you howl like a demon-dog and in all your glorious, mighty forms, I praise thee, I thank thee, I worship thee & I love thee! Hail Lamastu, the Queen of Queens!”

For anyone wishing to work with the Goddess Lamastu, I decided to make a brief list of Lamastu’s Powers and Rulerships, this list is not complete and is slightly rushed due to time constraints, also much I have learned from personal experience, first of all, quoting the above:

“Lamastu controls fierce passions, hot & cold feelings, the element of fire is her domain therefore she controls sexual lust, passion & desire. She also rules over confusion, madness, fierce passions/obsessions, perversion, fear and anger. The Goddess is attentive, listening to the prayers of those who invoke her and showing compassion, shr gives what you need, not necessarily what you want.”

Lamastu Rules Over (and can help you with): *Cord Magic & Bindings, especially those in curses.

  • The destruction of enemies.
    *Purifying and cleansing yourself through the element of fire (destruction of oneself to arise reborn from the ashes, like a phoenix) as Lamastu does have the title The Pure One.
    *Protective/Defensive Magic.
    *Rapid Change and Freedom, as well as courage and strength to allow one to rebel.
    *Dream Magic, granting knowledge and wisdom through the dreams of the witch. Also creating and sending nightmares, as well as taking them away.
    *Earth magic, especially power over wild beasts…Lamastu is a Great Guardian Of The Earth Of Life, to devout yourself to her, you are also promising to become a guardian of nature and learning to tap into all its various magics and energies. Lamastu loves chaos, these energies can be chaotic and unpredictable, like all forms of nature.
    *If Lamastu, chooses you as an ‘adopted’ child, you’re granted the ability to tap into a powerful, ancient magic that the Goddess wields, empowering your vampiric tendencies, she will help you in astral travel/shapeshifting/vampirism. I was amazed by Lamastu’s presence and power, when it came to this.
    *causing sickness, pain and misery, as well as healing it, and the same goes for poisons and herbalism.
    *Infertility & miscarriage
    *death magic and curse work.
    *dominion over restless, wandering spirits and certain entities, as well serpents and poisonous creatures.
    *psychic attacks.

I very rarely warn people about approaching Gods or Goddesses, as I see it as the practitioners right to do what they like, but Lamastu is not a Goddess for those new to magic, she is also not one you can simply call on at random. Lamastu expects to be respected, of course, and deserves it, she can fill your life with blessings and grant you unbelievable power, in which you feel like you can over come anything and take on the world, but she can also take everything away, she is also not shy about punishing you. My advice, only approach Lamastu if she is reaching out to you or if you’re drawn to the Queen of Queens & expect to work with her/ and worship her long-term.


I do hope to soon complete a post that will be about my work and experiences with Lamastu, as it is something I’d love to share with others and I know Lamastu wants me to share as well.

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Thank you for this thread! I never known about this Goddess she seems really interesting, can’t wait to work with her!

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Your welcome, glad you enjoyed it and let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

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