Kundalini, surrender, divine and frusteration

I am undergoing a kundalini awakening, i did meditation and deep breathing after a head injury that gave me epilepsy. Then the snake like energy rose from my back i to my lower chakras and is now trying to pierce the heart. i have talked to many gurus and spiritualits and they all say that i have to turn my life over to the kundalini now and that it is no longer my own life. They talk about worshipping the energy ans that i have no choice but to do its will now. it all sounds very right hand path and im curious if anyone knows that this is what i will have to do. I wish there was a middle hand more leftish path but i fear the kundalini will destroy me and i will be forced to do what it wants. if anyone knows anything about this i hope its not the case. if im being honest i hate kundalini and everythinf it does to me. i wanted to travel and follow my own desires and to know that i have to give everything up has been very hard for me


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They are giving you terrible advice.

Your serpent, is your own serpent. It is nourished by doing the things that feed you - not some bullshit yoga new age bastardization of a beautiful gift.

Follow your own desires. Travel. Engage in anything that suits your preferences. Throw away any spiritual guidance except those that come from your own self.

You are your own teacher. While a guru can help “nudge” things, this journey is your own.


They are recommending you to worship/deify a practice a.k.a. a tool, a device. Kundalini is a tool, a practice which helps you towards your own personal gnosis, not towards its own means. The serpent within is you. Be the dragon within. Only you can choose your own direction.


:point_up: They are correct.

What you are going through is the real thing. You get to be your own seer, your own Buddah or Jesus or spritual guru. You should charge those guys to talk to you.

At the same time, the words of a practiced healer can do worlds of good. My favorite sophist is this guy. His Youtubes feel like a nice brain massage, for me.
The wrong sophist will sound like a total jackass, so shop around for someone you like.

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In what way can the kundalini help me, everyone says its a blessing but if im being honest a kundaini transformation looks like it takes a long time. What am i suppose to with it, what is the point in having it

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Surrender for some time till it reaches ur 3rd eye and settles in Makara point. After that U can do as much LHP shit as U want. ANd if kundalini experience goes beyond tolerance and extremely painful, PM me.

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Won’t that take years? i am told a kundalini transformation can take a decade. Also what kind of benefits can i even use it for?

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read my story, first part is on this, and if you want read both plus my responses…God works in mysterious ways…

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I read about your entities and stuff and spirits following you but what exactly does that have to do with this, also what do you mean god works in mysterious ways? im still wondering why i need this energy or why its any good for me

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did you read everything, the kundalini syndrome? how i felt I never really acted on my own free will?

Yes but what does that mean for me, are you saying im going to lose my freewill with kundalini, or what exactly should i be doing , also what does this have to do with god working in mysterious ways

My point is, a Kundalini awakening, is your Soul taking an evolutionary step forward, its basically the beginning of your entrance into higher states of consciousness, the best advice I can give you is let it run its course, if it truly is a Kundalini awakening, then you cannot stop it, see where it takes you, you will eventually learn to work with it and go with the wave, or see how to direct it, after all, it is your own personal evolution…Ego death usually comes with it if it is big…

Only you will truly know what to do and how with it, that is how it works with a Kundalini Awakening…

well that sucks lol, there goes doing everything i wanted in life. also i think ego death is stupid, why would we want to lose our individuality while we are here on earth, seems pointless and a waste of time to me. i would rather be healthy and asleep then wasting my time with higher states of conciousness. I have been in those states before and it brings me no benefit. i would rather do stuff on the physical plane. I could give less of a shit about astral travel, spirits or anything to do with that . i just want to travel and not have to deal with any of this. I have no use for it

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the fact that you are feeling like this, is already indicative of your individuality, if you are going through kundalini, let it work, you dont know where it will take you, if it was awakened in you then there was probably a karmic or cosmic purpose to it, If you do not like it and you can stop it, then do so, Kundalini takes your Will in order to transform it, as i said, if it was awakaned, there is a reason…could be that you rushed through meditative practices, could be karma, could be it was just your time, but let me ask you, what kind of practices were you doing exactly

Ego death is humbling. It doesn’t mean you lose yourself at all. It just places you aside for a moment and you perceive things in a much more open way. It’s really profound.


i hit my head and thought i would do meditation and deep breathing to heal the process. I was actually doing breath of fire without realizing it. I was really stupid and it just awoke one day. Now i am just screwed laying in bed everyday. I have a type of epilepsy from my head injury and i cant really do anything, and now i have to let this energy take me over. the whole fact you just said that this will make me lose my freewill makes me even more sick to my stomach , i really hate this shit

I understand what it does, but what do i absolutely NEED to go through that for. I am fine and happy the way i am. I have things i want to do in life. While im on this physical plane its just a waste of time to me. Im only here for a very short while why do i need to even bother with this

I said it will transform your Will, its a scary process i know, I dealt with this for 2 to 3 years, but dont worry, hang in there, trust in the Self my friend, you don’t know where it will take you…