Knowing If A Spirit Is Who They Claim To Be - Help?

how do I know if im really dealing with lucifer


Ask them their name, ask them to show you their sigil and also use the search icon (magnifying glass top right)

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You should ask for a sign. Various demons all have identifers each demon has there own color, enn, scent and manifestation form as noted in the Lessor Key of Solomon be that a lion or cat or toad.

Usually when you perform several rituals invoking a deity they will send signs that you have been heard and identify themselves with visions or telepathic communications.


Well the things I do are these:

  1. Ask who the spirit is.
  2. Have a spirit I trust near, just to make sure I’m not being tricked.
  3. If I happen to soul travel, I may have my spirit animal with me for such stuff.

thank you I thought I was communing with lucifer when my friend told me that it was a low level spirit posing as lucifer.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


he said lucifer was simply too busy and the things I was asking were too unimportant to him

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I don’t question it to begin with because I’m not worried about it.

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Have them swear an oath on their power and existence and seal it with their own blood. Some clause in universal laws seems to make it very binding and they effectively submit to a magical binding to obey the oath. In this case to speak only the truth and attempt no harm to you or yours throughout your current dealings. Very useful if you end up dealing with some more volatile entities or unknown ones that might be posing as others. It is generally good form to return the favor by swearing to be a good host and show due respect and tell the truth in return.


forgive me im josh isaman I started in wicca when I was a pre teen and when my stepdad found my book of shadows he wouldn’t shut up about jesus (the fake) I was stuck in Christianity for 10 years like a lemming till I learned about the annu blessed be


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One technique that has always worked for me is ask them to write their name in astral space. For some reason spirits cannot list a false one in that instance even if they can speak a lie.


Thank you

Ask a spirit name - that should always work, his dates or numbers, planets, characteristic, apparently when it comes to this they can’t lie. I can’t remember exactly, been a while since I’ve been told by a fellow practitioner of Solomon’s magick.

By using the correct sigils and appropriate methods to contact him as well as use various different correspondences to get his attention (colors, smells, food, and so on), you can be sure that it’s him.

And there are a couple ways to test this spirit you are in contact with:

  1. Ask him to give you a gematria number that spells his name and then look up some of the gematria calculators online to check if the number is indeed correct:

  1. Ask your Patrons if it’s really him.

  2. Do an astral projection or a lucid dream, then call this spirit and ask him to present his seal and to sign his name. If it’s correct, then it’s him.

Why astral projection or lucid dream? Because while you’re awake, your mind can easily interject false information because you want this spirit to be Lucifer. You also need your astral sight to be open in order to perceive the seal and signature while awake. But the experience in astral projection or lucid dream will be so vivid and real that you can’t mistake it.

  1. Finally, ask him to do stuff. Send him on tasks, ask him other questions. If he proves to be reliable and trustworthy, combined with the other methods, you can rest assured you’ve contacted the real deal.

You might hear people talk about TGS (Theta Gamma Sync) here. I would personally strongly advise you to do an astral projection or a lucid dream (not soul travel!) over this. What people here call TGS is actually an alpha brainwave state and that’s not good enough if you want to receive information that are beyond of a shadow of a doubt from a veritable spiritual source.