Has anyone discussed karma with a demon before and figured out how it works exactly?


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All the beings I’ve talked to about karma find it a human concept at least in the sense of do bad receive bad in this life or the next kind of karma or do good and receive good in this life or the next. The way I see karma is do something bad and you regret it you manifest bad to you. Do something good and you believe you did good you’ll manifest good your way, lol hat karma is a legitimately subjective occurrence.


Great question and yes before my pact was made a lengthy discussion was made regarding the blowback or karma if you will on three castings for retribution i wanted to proceed with. The deity gave me several possible negative outcomes not only to my targets but to myself if i proceeded with the mutual pact of retribution. Proceed with bane if you like but be warned it could come back to harm you in various ways, so before you make a pact, think carefully about all possible outcomes. The karmic wheel of justice does exist and was outlined to me in some detail.

Like attracts like if you surround yourself with malice and bad karma it draws more of itself and beings that feed from that, will form that to you, and filling your mind with that type of energy and thought just draws it into your life.

The concept of karma has taken hold in many eastern mystic philosphies. As you should fear bad karma through knowing of facing one’s negative actions. Many contact the demonic or spirit realms with bad intent and suffer the consequences.

Don’t rush into negative angry revenge, using the demonic as a springboard but do push yourself in the right direction you feel comfortable with. If you wish to use the principals of karma as a base for your philosphy of life which are diametrically opposed to the black arts than do so with caution as the karmic wheel of life does have its effect and consequences as what you put out can come back to harm you.

Once you find yourself able to handle the first rung on your ladder of spiritual ascent with well thought out goals and ambitions you will have less anxiety about karma, than move to the next level. Once you begin to get comfortable with facing your anger or fears, don’t stop, keep moving forward in the direction of your choice be it the karmic wheel of what comes around, goes around or a different path. The choice is up to you.

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Karma is bullshit. I’ve know people that have only ever had bad shit happen to them.The universe is a chaotic being, so using critical thinking, Karma cannot exist. Beneath the veneer of civility and order, life is chaos and suffering. We fool ourselves into thinking we can impose order and peace on something acausal in origin on a permanent basis only to be smacked down again and again. The only thing we can do is envelop ourselves in the chaos and come to know violence, beauty and glory in the name of knowledge, power and transcendent truth.


So is it just a mental thing like the law of attraction in your opinion or doe actual energy get attached to our soul that’ll affect us like curses or blessings?
Would we no longer be affected if we changed our mindset?

Could you please tell me more about what details the deity gave you concerning the pact more specifically the possible outcomes you were faced with if you proceeded with the castings?

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You’re right the law of attraction plays a role but more to the point that all that cast for harm or make a pact once you have a patron spirit will inform you of all potential of your casting, good and bad fall out from your castings or pact.

Many malevolent spirits will attach themselves to someone making a bad situation worst and influencing the person to continue to cast harming themselves or cast for something they do not want.

“Would we no longer be affected if we changed our mindset?”

No once it is cast it is cast in particular if your casting or pact has been accepted. If you change your mind and want to rescind and carry out a spell of contrition, it is up to the deity and if that spirit decides not to rescind your pact you are stuck with what you have put fourth.

The PROBLEMS here are that many angry, deranged, or unethical individuals will proceed with many pacts and castings, ignore the spirit warnings they have received and suffer what they have cast or perhaps other real events of misfortune or consequence will befall the magician because of what they cast, as it CAN come back to you in many different ways.

Before each casting for harm with my pact of three, my casting was outlined, the harm or wish that would be rendered to my target, sometimes what I wanted would not granted and the deity made suggestions as to what would work better, the final choice was mine. I was told physical harm would not be accepted but harming there work, job and computer applications would be acceded to with them losing there job for one casting.

Then I was told how the spirit would proceed and the specific damage that would be done and once my target learned they were being attacked they would know who was responsible and they could come at me and what to prepare for. With all this did i still want to proceed, knowing all the ramifications of what would happen? Having full knowledge I made my pact and proceeded.

Pacts or agreements are very personal and should be done with much thought as to the final outcome as once you make that pact it can not be rescinded, always be a 100% sure of your intentions, and do not cast anything with doubt in your mind as once it is cast it is cast.

The furthest I ever got to discussing karma with a spirit was asking Belial about it. He laughed at it, so I believe it is safe to say it is either a human concept that serves as tool or a prison, depending on how the individual uses it. But concepts can be abandoned, which is how I choose to go about it.

Karma is just action & actions lead to more actions. Good actions lead to good results, even if it’s just internal: because doing good actions will yield something positive. And negative actions lead to negative results.

Skilled actions lend themselves to to outcome you wanted, & unskillful results don’t lend themselves so easily.

The key to understanding karma is that it’s not a universal system dispensing justice or retribution. It’s cause & effect.

Sometimes skilled & positive actions are met with negative reactions, especially when dealing with other people. Like how a kind, well thought out word, can still result in someone responding with anger & hatred towards you. This has less to do with your karma, & more to do with the karma which has brought them to that point.

Good choices lead to good life’s, in the end, but doesn’t guarantee freedom from hardships & strife. Just as bad choices don’t always lead to people not always getting their way. But it does shape who they are, & just because they always seem to have things workout for them, doesn’t mean they’re happy & have lived good lives. Their karma shows up in other ways: reputation, character, mental & emotional levels of fortitude & maturity… Ext.

Karma isn’t something mystical, it’s just a way of explaining how life works.


Bravo perfectly stated, I can relate that to my situation.

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I once asked Abaddon if karma is real and he said no. This makes so much sense if you stop to consider what karma is. To define karma you also would need to define good/bad. Seeing as good/bad is an classification made on an individual bases it is safe to say karma (a reaction to an action) can’t be enacted with a good/bad set moral path as one person’s good could be another’s bad. It is all perception and fear channeling.


Karma could be real in a sense. If Newton’s laws are to be believed as concrete. Ever heard the saying no good deed goes unpunished? Well if every action has an equal and opposite reaction, then buying a homeless man a burger would cost you a burger down the road. :joy::joy:
In all reality karma is nothing but a tool to teach “good” behavior.

How I’ve heard it explained is that karma is made up of a variety of (basically) experiences, habits, choices, and outcomes. It’s not like Santa’s list of good and bad behaviors, leading to gifts or coal. It’s like silly putty rolled over newsprint. Until it is erased, it carries the pattern. Erasing patterns from our minds takes a bit of work, though. Here’s what I think is a good explanation:

You’re right, some use the terms “skilled” & “unskilled”. "positive & negative ". But, it’s not all relative… There are scales, but each holds different weight. Extremes exist at either end of every scale. Weight exist in every expression.

Karma - Created a long time ago found within Hinduism and Buddhism. Used as a measurement and judgement of your actions. I want to know “who’s measurement” & Who’s judgement.

Originally used in my opinion to instill fear and control a desperate society always ready for change. Very much the same as every religious order has done throughout time to present day.

I don’t see how one can follow a left hand path fully, without freeing yourself from something so limiting as karma.

PS: These are my thoughts, opinions and my own current struggle.