Kabbalistic cross and LBRP and NAP


I’m giving Magick a try, I need to create a better life for myself and the occult fascinates me enough to turn to it and believe there must be something there for so many people to commit to it.

I found New Avatar Power and the idea that we lost a connection ancients had resonated with me so I decided to try it and see what happens.

I realise that in his instructions he actually instructs you to do the Kabbalistic (sorry if spelt wrong unsure) cross and LBRP or invoking one without saying that’s what you’re doing and middle pillar and anyway I have nothing to lose but time and so I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube to try and learn this and try a few times. Also I realise the relaxation excercise is to put me in an alpha state - I use alpha/theta bineural beats for meditation and trying to manifest. I will confess so far I haven’t had so much success with LoA but I’ve not given up - it exists, just for me to find how I consciously create - maybe Magick will help.

I don’t have any objections to any kind of magick - whatever works. Previously I have thought about joining GD or Amorc etc but money is what holds me back and also that I don’t want to get sucked into something that I’m not sure will work for me. So RHP or LHP I don’t care - just something that works (for me) and nothing to lose by trying NAP for a while.

But what’s the purpose of the kabbalistic cross and invoking and banishing rituals? I mean I get the obvious (invoke and banish) but how do they actually affect you or your reality? Are they merely tools for the subconscious or do they genuinely connect you to a power?

Is it the more I do it the more I will experience something?

Many thanks for replies in advance x

Those rituals connect with “inner” microcosm and, in turn, with the macrocosm. An article mentioned people who didn’t experience anything out of Pentagram Ritual or even some bad effects, and eventually revealed they performed only the “banishing” version. Perhaps one may do it followed by invoking ritual, or (like I once read) the invoking after waking up and banishing before going to sleep.

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So it will definitely help? I know that sounds stupid- I figure people wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work but then on the other hand I grew up in religion and lots of people repeat that without anything actually helping. I guess I want to feel something tangible. Maybe only time can show me…

It works even if you feel nothing.

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Watching videos and studying about (for example) evocation and exiting from body, I learned it’s somewhat a gradual process. So the same thing probably applies “elsewhere”.

Hi @InnerGoddess! NAP is certainly something that I find intriguing…some swear by it, while others can’t get anything out of it. But, it’s helped me to structure my daily practice and It has definitely worked for me. There’s a ton of info about NAP on here, and on the interwebs, so researching it is an easy thing to do.

On to your question concerning the crossing /banishing version found within NAP; It’s clear that when Cobb-Gray wrote this he was kinda streamlining hermeticism and making it accessible to folks that desired results quickly and without a total immersion into a heavy duty magickal lifestyle. Because of this, I think he put his stripped version of the Kabbalistic cross and banishing in the NAP program to simply get rid of unwanted energies and to tidy the place up a bit. Now, the LBRP, done correctly is heavy duty and accomplishes sooo much more than just “banishing” unwanted energies or entities. His central/middle pillar ritual, I think, is pretty much identical to what was/is done in the Golden Dawn, and that is energy work, energy manipulation and a very good way to “power up” prior to practicing whatever Magick or spell work you choose to do.

I prefer to get myself into as deep a theta/trance state as possible, then do the full on LBRP, then Middle Pillar, then the Bornless one (x3), then the very first part and last part of the NAP power ritual (don’t discount the invocation of Arzel, that’s a key to the NAP gateway) then whatever you wish to accomplish after that. But, I’m guessing you could follow his rituals to the letter and get results if you take it seriously. Good luck with whatever you choose!

Wow thanks for the replies

Encouraging to hear NAP is working for someone. I have done a fair bit of googling and one site I read said that he hid his information and to quote from a scripture I remember well “for those with eyes to see and ears to hear” and I wondered what they meant by that or if genuinely by blind faith following one would acheive results. I’ve had a theory for a while that may be entirely wrong :joy: but that mystery schools teach some kind of code that keeps knowledge safe. Idk - I guess I want to find the answers but not quite in a place I can join one or know which if I wanted to.

I think the bornless one is in the book too. I’m going to try all of it and see I guess. Is there somewhere that explains better what you’re doing by these rituals? Like a book that might help with NAP?

Admittedly I have noticed that there seems to be lots of success stories online about the money chants and I would rather heal a relationship and bring love back into my life which I noted has less success stories but whatever I guess it’s renewed my interest in the occult and if I succeed at that great and if I don’t maybe I will be in a better place anyway through this.

I’m not sure that there’s an additional book that explains the NAP more throughly, but I could be mistaken. It may be a good idea for you to pick up a basic book on Hermeticism and/or basic ritual practice, which could help you to understand the very basics.

If you’re coming at this brand new, I’d maybe suggest you read the book through, from cover to cover, 2/3 times…then absolutely and unconditionally believe that it works (like you just know that the sun will come up in the morning). If you’d like a deeper understanding then take a look at a couple of the links below …


Again, patience…practice…belief, and good luck with accomplishing your goals

Thanks I think that’s what I mean - understanding the basics

It’s quite hard to remember all the names and words etc when starting and I’m sure it will feel more powerful when I don’t need to stop to remember which way I’m drawing a pentagram etc

I tried your ritual combination although had to stop to read during it I do feel rather “charged” I suppose atm. Belief is something I will just have to put my faith in and expect to strengthen when I see results. I’m expecting them which is a step forward from where I have been

Don’t worry so much, in the beginning, about having to read the names or follow the specific instructions which you’ve written down on paper. Just practice, practice, practice…and let yourself go while practicing. Know that what you are doing is working! Before too long, you’ll no longer have to read the names or follow the instructions that you have written down. Keep it up!

Are you guys using the original book for NAP? I read somewhere that Cobb-Gray had performed some sort of working to diminish the effects for anyone using a pirated copy. So you would still achieve some results but it’s not the real deal. At first I thought it was just a bluff in order to sell more books. But then I found the Gallery of Magick claiming to have done something similar with their books and since I really trust them, I now believe that something like this can be done.
The question is what counts as a pirated copy… I wonder if anything NAP related attained from a forum like this can be as effective as reading the original book…

I’m using a PDF I found online but may invest in the real thing. His daughter has reissued it apparently according to her Facebook site

I read somewhere that he blessed his books (or something like that), when they were available from the publisher, but I never heard that he put a negative spell on “pirated copies”. I’m thinking, prior to his daughter re-releasing published copies, that all those pdf’s floating around the internet were fair game. But, I’m not sure how things like that work.

In my opinion, the best way to go about things, is to acquire a copy however you are able to (real book, pdf, whatever…although being able to purchase a new one now seems the way to go) and then read it several times. Print the pages out, if it were previously a pdf file. Then, once you’re familiar with it, grab yourself a nice journal type notebook and hand write all of the spells, conjurings, the real Magick of the book into your journal📖. Then, you’ll have you’re own personal hand written copy that should be much more powerful/meaningful to you.

But, to answer your question, I was unable to purchase a new copy as it was out of production when I discovered it, so I downloaded a pdf…printed out my book. It’s worked well for me this far

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I’m just wondering with NAP - you repeat the chants

I’ve probably been doing 2 x a day

I’d really like to have communication back with my ex… and blocked on one form of social media, another two he has read but not replied.

Could I be blocking results by doing it too much? Just reading now some people saying you do it then let go for it to work but then NAP you repeat chants?

I like nap, and it was a great foundational piece of magick to really get into a habitual practice of such as well as the ability to let go of results. Thats a hard lesson to learn, is to let go. Trust the cosmos and divine forces that work for you. Best of luck on your journey.

Yeah I’m actually unsure if I’m blocking results or building the power by doing the rituals frequently?

I’ve just ordered it on amazon anyway it’s not that expensive and be easier than on PDF to read through.

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