Just some musings feelings etc.... looking for advice maybe or maybe just want to connect with others

So today ive sat down reading the gatekeepers book, its pretty good still on Belial’s section tho. As I read I feel a pressure on me, heat filling my body slowly, and it feels like a bar of darkness pierces my body horizontally, and one by one my chakras were catching a single black flame, seemingly luminescent in place of their original shape and color, its very interesting and i was curious about other people’s experiences or advice.

normally of course i would do something like banishing or something like that, but right now im just relaxing and feeling the energy, curious about where this goes.


Enjoy that


if you have truble geting in to trance his help me

When it comes to scrying methods, the options are pretty much limitless. The scientific words for the visual effects of scrying is called Troxler’s Fading , which basically means that the fixation point fades away after a while.

I’m a person that likes challenges and to try new methods. There is one visual illusion called Lilac Chaser , which might be used as a “tool” for scrying.

Focus on the center and something will sure happen.

Maybe it’s helpful? I will try it!

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thanks ill give it a try :smiley:

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