Is there a Spell to keep someone from texting or calling another person?

I have a legit reason… this girl cheated on this person when his father died and brother died at the same time and keeps calling when we’re hanging out and together. He was in a 6 year relationship with her and broke up 3 months ago and we’ve been seeing each other these last two months. This girl is really pissing me off and any suggestions would be helpful. He ignores her calls but she keeps changing numbers…,

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I’m trying not to do anything drastic like make a tree fall on her car lol

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I’m a good person lol

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Good and bad are mere perspectives.

Bind them away from him. Banish her. Make her the target of a banishing spell. You could curse her, if you deem it necessary.


Try this, has worked very well for me.


Yes. Cast a Love spell on her to bring a man into her life to occupy all her time.

Charles9 posted what I would also recommend, it has good track record and won’t damage anything, but will do the job effectively.

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I am not sure that doing a love spell on him would be such a good idea. I see it as she will “fall in love” with him because he is the focus of her attention presently. She has an obsession with him. I would use hotfoot powder and make a box or jar and put her in it. You do not have to put him with her pic or name to push them apart because he is not wanting to be with her. I would lay tracks for her and bury her. I do not like freezer spells because then you must keep them frozen in your freezer or they stop working. I do not like to have to worry about a bunch of spells stopping when I have a black out. Food loss is enough to worry about! lolol!

There are other things you can do now, but I am not sure that that is something you can or would even be interested in doing so I will stop there. Get hotfoot powder and commanding oils and put it on a candle. Set your intention and charge the candle. If you want help with this PM me. This is kinda easy to fix actually. I am not leaving step by step instructions here. Sorry.


Right right. Or just do my version (Massive Path of Destruction = I call Storm Blast)

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I don’t think she is ready for that!! That is why I went another route with her.

Really?..I don’t mean to be a hook in the ass but to be factual - Being a black magician isn’t all about binding,burning,cursing or making your enemies pay!

I notice most black magicians here have been nailed on a dormant cross that seems to flow on the river of stasis. I will say no more about that cause my perception of things is evidently lacking and i am a noob compared to the magicians here!

He was in a 6 year relationship with someone he broke up with three months ago! He started dating you two months ago and you already deem it worthy to cook up a spell potion??

I think the only spell you need right now is “PATIENCE”

Don’t expect everything to go “smoothly” just yet.
The PAIN will make you GROW.

Thoth - Most magicians are “very weak” “without” the spells they cook, the gods they call, the demons they seek and the angels they invite.
At the end of the day - They are weaker than the humans they had hoped to better yet they take the pleasure of power and greatness in their weakness

Find your strength,Servantofpan

I am sorry i couldn’t be of much help.

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You make a point about patience because it is hard to move on after such a long relationship. However if this is you in this story and you are the girl who can’t let go and turned stalker, then I am so sorry for your loss. If it is not you then you are assuming a LOT in this situation!! I find that to be irresponsible and judgmental.
Condemning us “black magicians” for taking action is a bit stunning and confusing to me and well… you are free to say what you want but in the end I am me and will do as I see fit.

That being said, you do not know the situation and maybe this girl can not move on and is now become the “A student” in stalker 101. Maybe she is psycho bitch from hell. She did pretty fucked up things to the guy and he left her. NOW she wants to stalk and bug him to the point of using other numbers because she knows he will not answer if he sees her number. That can be scary as well as intrusive and annoying. Resorting to magickal means which we have been blessed to know, is NOT the wrong thing to do. Maybe doing a spell like I had suggested will allow this poor unfortunate soul to stop hurting because of her mistakes and forget about the past and move on.

She cheated on him during a very hard period in his life so she apparently did not care too much about him when she had him. I choose to make someone walk away over letting things fester until property or bodily damage is done! Judge me aaalllll you want but in the end I am a witch. And so are you, i presume since you are here. So you sit and wait. I change my world and help others when I am so inclined. I stand by what I suggested unashamed and unafraid.


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Waiting until this possibly becomes a bigger problem then it is would defeat the point of using magick in the first place, no?

Yes! Do nothing and let the anxiety fester inside you, and if by chance he goes back to her use that as fuel to power the spell that will strike them both down and your journey towards the dark side will be complete! MEWHEHEHEHE!..sorry.

A bizarre thing for a God of Magick to say. Was he drunk when he said it? :thinking:

Servantofpan do whatever you think is best to make your life here and now better, or don’t, it’s all your choice.



Oh fuck! I just realized that I’m turning into @Drachir


@Servantofpan just be careful that you’re not just a rebound for him. I would hate to see you get hurt.

That said I also suggest the freeze spell.

Best of luck with this


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Honestly. You are no help. Go back to whatever abyss you came from and stay there.


Thank you Nikki. I have power and I have actually rid myself of her already but just wanted to see if there was different perspectives on this forum and I was going to add another spell onto the mix because he received a text Sunday but I looked in his eyes and he told her that she way ugly and to never text again so I handled it. But like I said I’m no novice so all u keyboard warriors above watch your mouth. Thank you Nikki :slight_smile:

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No it’s stronger than that. I’m transgender I’m his first he told his friends and family about me. We’ve been seeing each other for awhile. That’s a big deal

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Applause and congrats to you! I am sorry for assuming that you were more or less a beginner! I am happy to hear the situation is resolved! There are many many ways to handle that type of thing! Now I wonder how you did it!!! … (thinking face)

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