Is setting my intentions with my blood on Azazel's sigil enough to bring him into my life? + Introduction

Try this:

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks veil, would check that out ASAP,am all in with the risks too as this undying desire to just have Azazel as my teacher is all I think of day and night I just dont know how as am new to all this


It be like that sometimes. I personally believe that when you get that much of a pull from a spirit you should work with them. Good Luck :muscle: He’s an amazing teacher.

Edit: you do know protection, banishing and cleansing right? Grounding too?


@Voidgazer … seeing a recent post of yours makes me wonder about this.

Thanks alot,pls how do I go about them all pls? Protection,Banishing,cleansing and grounding sounds like a whole course any link on them would be really helpful am open to be taught pls

Magickal Protection by Damon Brand is a good book which covers protection. It also has a banishing ritual.
The LBRP is also a well known banishing ritual.
There are many methods for cleansing-sound, visualization, etc.

Check out this thread:

The search function will also give you many posts related to whatever you’re looking for ^^

Good luck, enjoy learning :muscle:


Thank you very much onion am grateful :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Glad I was able to help ^^

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I can warmly recommend Enoch Petrucelly’s “The book of soulretreival” to get a fast start with the basics. It is quite short and does not give the usual magickal circle or banishings using arch angels, but is actually adapted for demonic work. The classical ways are kind of like inviting a demon whilst holding a knife to its throat, not so nice for the demon. It is very modern and Enoch covers so much to keep you safe and evolve in that book.


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Ohk dark knight,my name is Brown and am totally new to black magick but I’ve always felt drawn to the dark side and I’ve researched and researched read some books on the dark arts and came across Behemoth-x on YouTube and in one of his videos he mentioned E.A KOETING and what his sites has got to offer so I looked him up on YouTube first and his videos become much more like a school for me,as I watched and he mentioned his books I tried checking them out too and they simply an eye opener for me,so he mentioned this forum in one of his videos and that brought me here,the truth is am a complete novice to black magick but everything about it resonates so much with and am at ease willing and ready to walk this path whole heartedly so reading the questions and answers here on this forum putting pen to paper as I go and I wish to be a master in the dark arts so am here to learn…

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Thanks darkestknight :pray:

Sorry my friend. My experience with Azazel is somewhat limited but what I have experienced he is a force of fiery self-mastery and steadfast integrity. He is also the scapegoat, so I guess his mysteries run damn deep into ones own inner darkness. And of one feels compelled to summon Azazel, he is probably already calling you.


Tnx voidgazer🙏

Can I find Angelb online or on here pls??

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