Is it true that not just anyone can become a vampire?

I ask because when I first began this path, I was extremely attracted to vampires (no not because of twilight). So I was curious on how one could become one, now, I asked witches on two different forums and they all said the same thing. “If you dont have vampire in your blood then there is a high chance you’ll die if you asked Lilith to turn you or Hecate to turn you. Or if you were bitten by an actual sanguine. There would be a small chance of survival. But most likely it would kill you”

So is that true, can only certain people be sanguines?


No. You cannot become a vampire. That is Hollywood BS taken to the extreme, since it is Hollywood that invented the entire popular culture that has been built around vampires.

All you will get if a “sanguine,” which is just a made up word for someone who drinks blood, bites you, is an infection, since human bites contain massive amounts of bacteria.

You cannot “have vampire” in your blood, because vampires are fictional.

Actual mythological vampires were decaying corpses, not people playing make believe in fancy dress.

You can do spiritual work to give your spiritual bodies the traits of a vampire, just like you can do with demonic traits, but don’t ever mistake those spiritual characteristics with being an actual physical vampire (or demon) who won’t age or die 'cause that would be delusional.


Only case one can become a vampire is through practicing predatory psychic warfare or finding a Deity or being that is known for vampires/vampirism like Set, Aset, Hecate, and so forth and they do something to your soul that makes you such. However, physically it would be just psi vampire.


I know that vampire will die, I know what’s bs and what’s not

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I would never turn down the opportunity, no matter what came with it.

And I know vampires aren’t like from twilight, but I have met vampires in the astral. But about the other thing how could one give their spatula body the traits of a vampire.

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What traits a vampire has, the actual ones not media, and apply them to the energy body. However, that is also an issue as some are vampires spiritually due to damaged energy systems that cannot retain it’s own energy so they have to psi vamp from those around them.


I advice you to read this… And talk to a woman who knows about this stuff.

You might find a way to communicate with her on the website. If you don’t she is on Facebook on the site named Paranormal Passions.

She doubles in black magic… You have to be patient with the replies though.

I hope this helps.



To build from what is being talked about, in short, no you cant be “turned”.

However, depending upon what about vampires is attracting you to the idea, there are different things you can do. Using vampiric magic is something that can be learned. Taking someone’s energy and using it against them, simply pulling energy from others or other interesting kinds of magic in that area.

If you are interested in more of the astral or nonphysical kinds of work, that is also something that can be learned and taught.

Vampires like in media, are fiction. However, there are what is know as “real vampires” they tend to refer to themselves as “vampyres” or other alternative spellings. These are people who require external sources of energy to sustain themselves. They can still die, they are still human. Just humans with extra needs. Usually, there are three kinds of vampires within the living vampire community. They are psychic (energy), sanguine (blood) & sexual (specific kind of energy) vampires. In the communities that make up these groups, safety & consent are stressed within feeding for, well obvious reasons. If you have further questions, feel free to message me directly.


Secretsensations is a scammer who has no real conjuring ability and preys on those looking to entertain the fantasy of the dark and dangerous. She has even stated herself multiple times that she believes things like demons are evil and want to hurt you. She has no ethics when it comes to pretending to know things, and her “entities” are most likely nonexistent or thoughtforms.

Don’t believe everything you see.


There are so many fictional stories of vampires that this post caught my curiosity. :expressionless:

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Have you worked with her before?


Gotten items and spirits from her that has enabled you to doubt her?


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In the REAL world we have to work on these abilities. Psychic vampirism, Evil eye, Death magic,Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Mesmerizing, Sprouting wings, on the astral, etc.
The Magnum Opus might help us become immortal, if we get the entire formula for it, and then work hard and steady at it.
As far as drinking blood to become a vampire, “Good luck with that one”.
""BITE ME “”!!!

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Do you know the book
“Ardeth - The made Vampire”?
It’s an introduction on how to connect
with the vampiric current.
I have this book but didn’t read it yet.
It promises to become a vampire, too.

You are born with it or not.
When you are born with it, there is a mix of genetic and spiritual components into place.
You have to have a genetic pool good for carrying the component, and some previous spiritual vampiric knowledge from other lives.

This means you can start learning now, and be born as a “true vampire” in your next lives.

It is a path of dedication and solitary practice.
Not many pure vampiric covens are truly dedicated towards the benefit of their members.

Good thing is that it is part of the partaking of the alchemical process, one of the ways, so to speak.


how can i message you directly ? i’m new here

Hmm normally people are born that way. I have met people who wanted to learn to vamp but it kind of does not function that way. It is a Dark connection to a dark vampiric current. Is hard to explain.

No it’s really not, the people you met probably couldn’t do energy manipulation which is a key part of psychic vampirism, it’s not some dark connection, not everything has to do with something being dark. There’s books on predatory vampirism, you learn to link to your target and draw energy from them, specific chakras or the aura, or directly from the energy body.

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Correct Kitsune. Faith is built upon belief and belief is built upon evidence…

Evidence my friends. “Most people talk a lot only a few are up for the moment” - from XxX movie starring Vin Diesel.

I spend w years in tis subject, and get into deep. From old notes, historias to florida, romania, links even Washington, dc. I tell you tis anubis, god of dead and a special potions, will do the trick. I meet a guy in internet, who was very fast, smart, and weird,