Is it possible to permanently kill or destroy a demon

Very true, experience is needed…

For me banishing would be enough then sheilding and stuff like that so the demon could not return. Or cause me or my loved ones harm.

Sorry that I misunderstood your last message. My apologies.

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No worries. I was vague on purpose :slight_smile:

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I am certain it was zozo I was 16 at the time and I remember using the Ouija board. I was raised by practitioners so I knew to be cautious while doing so. My brother had supposedly made contact with a little boy, who later revealed himself as zozo.i had been fooled I felt ashamed cause I knew better, I was trained better. After he revealed himself he started tormenting us, he physically hurt us. I tried many times banish him from my house hold but I wasnt able to. I eventually reached out to my aunt, who was and still the most powerful person I know. She banished him but I’m 20 now and alot better and stronger then i was then

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Demons are living beings, they can die, albeit not by the same causes as humans like old age, but they can be killed. However, I doubt you’d be able to do it. Of course that goes for anyone who doesn’t have the proper “level” of experience.

I also agree with Norse900 on being sure it’s that entity.


I am certain that it was him but is there a way to know for sure. And if asked my aunt to do it for me she said she could in theory but she asl said it is very dangerous especially for this particular entity and she said even someone like her who is highly experienced can have trouble and it’s best to just let go. But I cant

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So, what have you done in the past 4 years to prepare for this?

1 I have meditated daily everyday to help strengthen my mind, and to not succumb to fear sadness,or anger.

2 I have studied and taught my self on ways to improve my ability to safely shield my home and myself incase

3 my aunt taught me how to create a sealing jar, and I have actually made my own improvements to it.

4 I have practiced how to probley and saftly (as safe as you can get) to summon a demon and other entity’s

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Thank you sending this

How do you create a sealing jar? This might be useful to my own situation.

Awesome. I haven’t read the post itself but there are posts of people destroying entities (not little ankle biters, but significant spirits) or sealing them. Use the search function to find them. If I had them, I would pass them along, but I don’t.

The sealing jar my aunt taught me was simple. You need make salt water 1 part sea salt to 8 parts spring water. A dried rose, 13 rose thorns and a small glass jar. Drop the rose thorns in one at a time while chanting thou demon presence be no more. Then crush the thorns in the jar add the rose petals then slowey add the salt water, keep it overnight and right before the sunrise close the jar and cover it with cloth. It’s best to bury it away from other buildings. But the sealing jar iv come up with should work right away.

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Real demons are killable but is any mage strong enough to kill them? Ask yourself that.
If its a thoughtform,they are unkillable until every human being ceases to think about them.But your chances are defeating a thoughtform in my opinion is a lot higher than real guy hunting you.If its the case your best option looks like befriending another big cannons.Or apologize if you offended him.Maybe it might work.


i don’t think you can kill powerful demons like that - the Nemean Lion was killed by Heracles in the myth and still, you can evoke both of them… there are entities whose story is that they were killed and yet you can summon them and talk to them.

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You do realize dead or not beings can still be evoked? we can evoke each other, we can evoke other people’s souls. Just because you can evoke someone doesn’t mean they are un-killable, that’s not how that works.

You invoke or evoke their spirit, regardless of if it’s reincarnated or not.


that’s true - i always think of them as unkillable or if they can be killed, then it must be really hard

It depends on the person really, demons aren’t all powerful, just as humans aren’t all weak. No being is incapable of faltering, it’s as hard as dealing with another skilled practitioner, depending on how you go about doing it.

Demons are semi-immortal, cannot die of old age and sickness but can die from being killed by someone who is capable of besting them.


What about if we gangbang them :joy:


Still depends on the skills/capability of all involved. If you’re trying to kill a demon through banishing or trying to fight their projection in the astral or here on the physical, you may not get far. Unless you can go directly to the entity, no projection of theirs etc, then you can cut the head off the snake and be done with it.


You can’t really kill them since they’re ethereal. You can banish them, and in my town there are several cases of lesser daemons that I banished, but you can’t fully destroy a soul, especially one like ZoZo’s.

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