Is it possible to enchant a vehicle from protection

I was thinking the other day maybe I can add crystals in the car or some type of mojo bag with a demon for protection, safe travels etc. I’ve been getting real bad luck with my car from flats and being pulled over by police randomly. Can I just sage my mustang and bless it myself lol you know what i mean it sounds silly but who knows…

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V.k. Jehannum´s book has a ritual to enchant your vehicle of choice. I do not have experience with other things you’ve mentioned, but I think a servitor might serve you well in this endeavor. You can dive into Damon Brands work about servitor or look for online sources how to create them. Franz Bardon does offer methods as well in his book initiation into hermetics. Yberioth mentioned an other really good about servitor creation which I don’t remember at the time.

I hope this answer proofs helpful for you, have a nice day!

I actually petitioned Baal to protect and conceal the vehicle I ride in back when it needed major repairs. I kept his sigil in the vehicle while I rode in it. Never got pulled over or have any other problems until it was repaired and I burned the sigil.

I have a Chinese obsidian Pixiu for this purpose. It’s a Feng Shui thing.