Is it possible to communicate with spirits in a week and open spiritual senses immediately?

Anyone promising instant results is taking you for a ride. Also, there is an inconsistency in logic in telling someone that their spiritual senses can be immediately awakened, but it takes a week to communicate with spirits. Awakened spiritual senses and spirit communication go hand in hand. I would love to know who is spreading this around.


Anyone can “promise” anything, results speak for themselves. If someone can’t achieve instant results from their work, that doesn’t mean nobody else can.

It’s against the rules to ask for payments unless directed to an outside service or private website. OR they’re supported by Forum’s owners and have permission to do that.

When someone asks for payment for anything, especially when it comes to “spiritual” services, it’s each person’s duty to verify those claims first or they’re begging to be scammed and they would honestly deserve it because they would be absolute idiots.


Contact @Lady_Eva about this claim and demand for payment.


Best part is, they’re not even offering to do it for the money! Only offering the great privilege of knowing the method

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This needs attention :slight_smile:

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Okay, so members on the flrum may place links to their shop etc in their profile, but NOT contact YOU offering help, that is spamming and against the rules.

It’s all covered in full here: NEW: Advertising On This Forum Is Not Permitted

So depending on what happened this person may or may not be breaking a rule, flag the PM if you want me to look it over, @Specialop.

I don’t rush to judgement but I do need to know if someone’s spamming members.

Not really, though core shamanism can work pretty fast.

Same answer as above. :+1:


I was just gonna say it’s a scam, but you all beat me to it. :joy:

Just because it sounds too good to be true doesnt mean it can’t happen.

You can always part with your money and find out

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Can you pm me?

@Specialop, go to the pm where the guy was offering and flag it. She’ll see it as a big red bubble next time she gets on, easiest and fastest way to get her attention. Hope you haven’t already paid anything :frowning:


The guy is c.kendall. He didn’t come across as a scammer though. I think he is supported by the forum.

As we said, things take time.

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Likely? No. Easy? Hell no. Possible? Dunno. I will say that the event originally leading me to go down this road was suddenly hearing a spirit talk to me, and it scared the crap out of my 11-year-old self. I have no clue how that happened, though, as I was completely untrained, and it was a tree spirit of all things reaching out to me.

However, don’t count on it. If you’re even asking the question of, “Is this guy talking out of his ass?”, the answer is yes, more often than not.

Dude. Didn’t expect that :open_mouth:

In rare cases, a spirit can “force” you to see and hear them. I had a rather terrifying encounter with a talking toad the size of a husky when I was just starting out. I believe it to have been a combination of a more open mind, accidental blood sacrifice and sacred ground.


I’ll second that.


True. eventhough their messages are cryptic often, they always communicate on a level that we can understand them or at least should be able to (each according to our abilities at that point)


There are people who follow his stuff and people who don’t. I doubt anyone has a majority following them on here.