Invoking Samael - feelings

I didn’t know anything about Samael before working with him. His name came to my mind several times. I had no ideas of his sigil or even if he had an enn, so I created a melody for him and said his name.

His energy is strong in my solar plexus and the heart chakra. He has made me aware of my emotions and has taught me to control them. I lost my sister to suicide this year, so when I’m sad, he’s there right next to me, letting me know that he feels my pain. But also, he heals me. He’s like my best buddy.

Don’t be afraid of him. He’s there to show you of how much you can achieve. Trust him.


Thanks for your response. I’ve been building good relationships with Belial, Dantalion and Lucifer for various things lately and also recently connected with Lilith. The more I learn about Samael the more I want to get to knowhim better. I’m also thinking of some other possible entities for my end goal with this problem person.

Friend I must warn you, Samael is still an angel and he will not hesitate to destroy anyone affiliated with a demonic presence. Samael is God’s Wrath and he wasn’t given that title for nothing.

Samael has an overwhelming aura.His energy is similar in strength to an arch-angel.Though his energy is strong, he is kind. Don’t fear him.

I’m not afraid of Samael. I’m just trying to determine the best entity to help me achieve my goals with my enemy.

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done :slight_smile:

I didn’t mean to imply that you fear him. I simply was giving a pointer, if you fear a spirit it may result in them taking it as you being disrespectful. And Samael is a soldier above most, his power can rival Michael. But, he isn’t called upon often, similarly to Abandon. He is strong, and if you wish for something to be destroyed then he’s the one to call upon, but if you just want something slightly damaged then calling him is overkill. That’s all I have on the matter.


What’s your thought’s on Samael being a consort to Lilith? Asenath Mason has a book (or books) talking about Lilith and Samael. I’ve only read the sample chapter (and yes the book deal with sex magic).

Is he good at eliminating a target at once?i asked another spirit to eliminate a target,but it hasn’t happened yet,i’m thinking of changing.

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Just going to leave this here…


Samael is the prime consort of Lilith. Who is a demon.


Yeah, maybe he could uh… oh reference that statement.

She wasn’t.

Wasn’t what?

I’ll just leave these here.

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She wasn’t a Demon in the first place.

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Samael is intense and sexy af. Speaking as an incarnate “demon”, he doesn’t care. I’m guessing that’s a blind picked up from somewhere where it made sense to the authors worldview, but it doesn’t fit in mine.
He is who he is and like most of us judges on merit.

I see high level demons and angels as the same species, divided in our minds by xtian dogma taking an overly simplistic view of cosmic politics, for obvious reasons, so it’s dumb to treat them as hard and fast enemies all the time, it’s not that easy. Don’t buy into that religions bs, it’ll serve you no good.


You say that as if if being a demon is a bad thing.


Also, demons and angels get along really well. Take Michael and Lucifer for example. They’re very close.