Invocation of nymphs?

Is there a Such things? Seen on another forum. Some sigil Maybe? Safe thing?

Are you talking about sexually promiscuous women or actual nymphs, which are nature spirits?

Nature spirits of corz

Okay, you might want to edit the title then, so people don’t get confused. “Nympho” is a slang term for sexually promiscuous women, and is the abbreviation of the word “nymphomaniac” which is a sexual disorder characterized by an addiction to dangerous sexual behaviour.

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Nymphs are fae. They will come if they want, when they want and however they want. As nature spirits they have their 2 sides, a very sweet and a very evil one. No sigil for them, but probably you could make one yourself.


So there isnt safe Way to have fun With them like said on the Ch… Hmmm. Sooo its better to try with succubi?

You could try contacting Pan. According to the lore, he is always trying to have his way with nymphs so he might be able to help.

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Can’t help you with that, sorry. For some reason people confuse Nymphs with Succubi when they’re really very different in nature. So maybe try what DK proposed and who knows! Maybe you won’t get slapped!


Because nymphs are nature spirits, they are mostly found in the wild places like forests, and rivers, and mountains, and they are very closely tied to the Greek gods associated with nature, like Artemis, Demeter, Poseidon and Hermes so you could conceivably get in contact with them through those gods.

I was incorrect about Pan. He’s is a satyr, which is the male equivalent of the nymphs, and so has no authority over them.

If you live in the city, you may have a difficult time connecting with them unless there is a large forested park you could go to.

Here is a list I found of the different categories of nymphs found in Greek mythology:

The elemental Undines may be closely related to water nymphs so you could contact King Nichsa and ask for one as a companion.


Phil Hine had a really cool invocation for nymphs iirc…