Hello, I go by MachLight…Been through many schools of Magick, and have been recently invested in the Order of Anubis. All I wish to communicate has been in collective form for some part of this latter decade or two, but to say no less, So may thou Be!


Welcome to BALG @MachLight

Could you elaborate a bit more on these 2 topics since all I read is “I’m experienced” and you leave it like that.


Please elaborate on what, exactly, you practice, and how long you have practiced. This tells us nothing and is insufficient to meet the requirements for a proper introduction.


As must become aggravation…Having seen your initiative, in sound reasonability, as much that vagueness, does, prejudice the character of ability(duly noted).

I presently am in no privilege of value to The Order of Anubis…

But, having spent the last rendition of presiding in It’s Recognition, but once again, determining stability in pensiveness of worth is verification of purpose and standard to a Calling of the Magical Arts. I live and have followed much of the Our Lady of Endor Coven, in the beginnings of the Original Great Work of Personal Interactive Makings.

As I Further Began, Learning Crowley’s Attributions, continued into Alchemy as Deeply Concentrated as their had been Guidance and Advising possible.

The context of Gnosis and Noesis, fueling greater stimulating engagement with Chaos and it’s polarity in Order(as the Tao sees Continuence in continuity of a Continuum of Equalities), their stands to reason Fate and Destiny collapse of Negotiating Complexities…

I apologise for my brevity, as the linguistics of a singularity are parse and that of desperate capacity to the indulgence of formulations of common experience.

More so, in the intercommunication with “The Arts” and that of Daimonsophy, Ritual Mind Collaboration, Demonology vs. Angel Invocations, God/Goddess Evocations, and State of Being Working.

The enduring veritability of many a Great Work of the standard of Divinity’s Own Self, has been the Test of the Qlipoth for my Own Destiny as I Am the Seeker, and scavenging has it’s Way of Necessary Fate.

In Light of all graven allotted, when One has seen the All, the beckons of Accords bend and mold to the heven vicitudes of change and adaptations; in benefits of Holden Sanctuary, Light Beyond, as Darkness Within, arraigns the folds of Plausation to the relevance of Causation… Knowing that thus marks a placement of position and that purpose to accessing the attending presences.

Seems like you got all the buzzwords in that soup and more. If your goal was to say a mouthful while saying nothing, great seccess.