Greetings. I am glad I can be a part of this community of occultists and knowledge-seekers. I came to this forum in my pursuit of finding something more to life, something more to this reality. I have always been dissatisfied with mundane existence and the triviality of the lives of the masses, and the quality of their knowledge and advice. That is why I have come here to ask questions and discuss topics with like-minded individuals.
As for information about myself, I don’t regard that as important. I’m not that amazingly interesting of a person and if you met me on the street you could not tell I had any interest in the hidden subjects. I didn’t have paranormal experiences as a child or communication with demons. I don’t posses any ESP abilities. In the end, I’m just a normal person.
That is why I seek the knowledge and why I come here. Hoping that I can train my powers and make them stronger. To discover something more to life.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:



As required for a proper introduction in accordance with our rule, we do require a bit of biographical and magical information.

So, for the record, how old are you, and do you have any experience in magick?

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Btw this helps us @nightwanderer because we get all sorts of people show up here, so having an idea (doesn’t have to be precise - “thirtysomething” or “late teens” will do) just helps feel like talking to a human, not a faceless screenname. :smiley:

Take a look at this if you want to try some basic demonic evocation:

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I am a 19 year old male and I don’t have that much experience with magic. The reason for this is not out of being lazy or lack of knowledge but my unfortunate living situation. I cannot perform demonic evocation while I still live family members. I want to live alone but I can’t find a proper job.


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

What have you tried so far?

Take it slow. I haven’t dipped into practical magick until I was 29, so you really have no reason to call yourself lazy :smiley:

Have yourself a cozy little time here


I’ve tried law of attraction type of stuff and mediation every day. I have gazed at the sigils of various demons and imagined their corresponding sounds, smells and imagery as described in Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. This isn’t anything good and I feel like I can’t do anything at the moment.


One thing that might be of use to you is an astral temple. You build it in your mind and you can perform any and all rituals within it, without anyone around you being the wiser.



Excuses are like arseholes - everyone’s got one.

Why not? You want a Cecil B. de Mille production in your bedroom or something? Magick is at best at least a covert practice and left hand path stuff all the more so. Don’t fall victim to all that ceremonial crap otherwise you’ll never be able to do anything because your altar is at home and your Wand is in the glove-box of your car and you just ran out of the correct incense. (A great Magician should always have a bagful of excuses: wrong Moon phase, incorrect hour of evocation, don’t have a Golden Dawn Lotus Wand…)

Work cheap and nasty. When I do evocation I fucking scream using a whisper and my whisper goes to the ends of the multiverse. Get into chanting and enns by using knots in string or your own handmade set of beads. Checkout the resources in this group by using the Search feature at the top right hand side.

I wasted far too long caught up in that expensive, time consuming shit. How much money does it take to get into Sigil Magick?

And good luck brother.



I understand the basic idea but have you got any resources on that?

The basic technique is to go into an altered state via meditation or trance techniques, and build it with visualisation.

Here is a list of links to other resources as well:

Welcome to the forum.


I use a portable “altar” for my work that I tear down each time. When I first started, this was an old table I use as a workbench, a $1.99 stainless steel cat food dish for my burnt offerings, and an emergency candle.

I’ve upgraded since then, but the truth is that I didn’t need the candle, as a lighter would work in a pinch. You don’t need much to really get started. My wife’s an atheist and knows that I have a “spiritual practice”, but doesn’t know what that entails. Better that way.

Hope it helps.

Thank you n all your companions here for the warm welcome.i came here to find help from the forum n the power that I’m sure is available here,I’m glad to be in the present with u all.

Welcome @Curtis_Guest Please properly introduce yourself in your own thread, and tell us about yourself and your experience in magick, not here.

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