Hello everyone, I am Rish. Accidently came across BALG and now this is the only thing that I read on my mobile. I hope this will be a pleasant experience.
I have been on BALG for about 2 weeks nows and have been visiting this forum everyday.

I am from India.

Your preferred magicks and topics of study- I am a newbie, have just started with Candle magick.
However, may look at doing evocations in the near future once I have researched well and am confident.

Particular areas of magick where you need help- Pretty much everything, as I am very new to this world and would want to gain knowledge from the learned souls in this forum

  • Particular areas of magick where you can provide help- Still do not have the expertise to offer help. But once I am confident and have few success’s, I will be open to share my stories and offer whatever support thats required.

Welcome Rish!

I love your approach. A little humility goes a long way in my books, since it shows that there is room to grow. Humility without being a wimp of course. It works with the people on this forum, and it works wonders with many entities.

The forum can get wild, but you don’t need to get sucked into every weird thing that happens. Find your passion and stick with it. Success isn’t far away when you find a path that truly feels right.

Welcome friend.

Trust yourself,


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Thank you for doing an introduction, @Rish, and welcome :slight_smile:


Hi Rish :slight_smile:

What a sincere introduction. Nice to meet you and I look forward you your journey.

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Hello. Welcome. Look through my thread to find what you may be seeking…