Hi there,
I’m a young girl from Poland, who has been interested in occult for about three years. Before that I only read about paranormal games (subreddit r/threekings). If I had to choose only one thing that I’m fascinated in the most I would choose demons. While making a research about them I’ve found this forum, which I find really cool, because unlike on reddit where mostly people tell you to stay away from stuff concerning demons, here people work with them on daily basis and treat them not as monsters but as friends, teachers and guides. After some time I finally decided to make an account. I’m also interested in video games, anime and psychology. It’s nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:

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Are you a beginner in magick?

We have many fabulous resources for beginners, so please don’t hesitate to make copious use of the forum’s search function in the upper right.

Here is something to get you started: