Introduction + Return lost lover

Hi my name is Hendrik and i want to ask is it possible to ask the help of all spirits and demons…good or evil in return of a ex lover?
And how will someone go ahead with something like that ?thanks all


Go to search bar, type in ‘love spell’ or formulate your query whichever way you please and read through the thousands of posts already made about this topic.

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Why care of lost lover go find new love! why bother of find spirits to get back your ex-lover.

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The thing is if your heart still want someone back then thats all you want…so what will happen and is it possible to call on all sprits and demons to help with it…and what how will someone go about it…i never did any of this things so to believe in it is hard also… will really help if someone can help me with this…thanks

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Welcome @Hendrik. It is a rule of this forum for new members to introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have.

Sorry guys iam Hendrik from south africa have no experience in any magical spell or stuff… I read ths site for about 2 months now any was thinking mybe someone can help me without cheating me out of money this time…
The thing is iam want my gf back after I screwed up big time ( not cheating) but i made her feel that i dont care for her and now she block me on basic on all media forms and dont really want to talk to me… I try some ppl te help spell casting he in south africa ( not voodoo) but it did not work or made any changes…no this iam asking is wrong but is there a why to force someones free will and bring them back and show that i can change and after spell goes of that she will she i do care just need that help if someone can help or point in the right way…thanks

And the only why i can help is to tell you if you come to south africa make sure you know that thy will steel your stuff lol

Thank you for expanding more on your experience. I added “introduction” to your title as you have met the critetia.

May i ask what ells do you want to know about me ? Iam a gay 38 years of age still in love with ex gf after she broke up with me 5 months ago after we were together for 8 years…

You are a gay guy who broke up with his girlfriend? Uh… And you want her back? Gay must mean something else in SA

Sorry miss spell not gay never been gay lol iam n 38 year old guy

This place is the best for reconciliation spells! Don’t give up your hope my friend the search bar is your best friend good luck
Blessed be :heart:

you ccan try this