Introduction of an unknown variable

Apparently Im supposed to do an introduction before I use this site. Dont want anyone to gripe at me about it, so here goes.

Names: Raxiis Lycan, Mortem Lupus, Deckard Marshall, Jackal Chayn, Scythe Lupus, Alex Wolffe, Ect.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight (Monogamous)
Status: Single
Nationality: Canadian

I am a powerful Empath and Energy Manipulator, as well as being capable of premonitions of the immediate future. I am a spiritual therianthrope with Wolf, Fox, Dog, and Hyena theriotypes. I am looking for apprenticeship, and am interested in necromancy, dark magic(k). I am however rather new to this scene, but will refrain from asking typical newbie questions. I will just simply look up the answers myself. Because the internets is an huge places. I have no gaurenteed knowledge of my ancestral heritage, but I am looking into it.

I think thats enough given the fact that I thoroughly filled out my account profile. If you want to know more, go look there…

And shoot me a pm if you want to, I don’t bite.


Signed SJM


Thank you for doing an introduction without being prompted :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!





Welcome. :wave:

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Welcome Raxiis,

Since you named out a bunch of names,
i’d like to ask you of a prefered name to aproach you with,
usually people will aproach you by your Profile name.

In case you do like a specific name,
more then all others,
and want to be refered to as it,
please check your settings,
and in case you can’t set it up in there yourself,


might be able to help you with it aswell.

The Topic of Necromancy is a little restricted from completely new accounts,
i think for Vampirism goes the same.

So take some time reading in the areas which are avaivable to you,
and write some posts where you feel your opinion might be helpful to the OP (Operator, creator fo the Topic), so you can unlock these areas for you faster.

In terms of your precise details regarding Lynchantropie,
you’ll be happy to see,
that there are already Lynchantropic members among us,
which may contact you at some point,
to discuss specifics.

Indeed, this is a vast place of knowledge,
and lots of the material isn’t restricted at all.

Very valuable insights,
into the dark arts,
can be gained,
on the current status of your accoutn already.

Please use the Seurch function of our board,
to find specific fields of your interest.

Good type of writing,
and good general intentions,
for working with us,
i might add.



Welcome to the forum and this is your best friend called the search magnifying glass.