Introduction of a Hermetic Mage

Hello all! My name is Riley. I am 26 years old, from the East Coast of the USA. From a young age I have always been highly imaginative and magickally minded. On the playground, I once held up a Disney princess compact mirror and demanded the wind to blow harder and it did.

Though, my official magickal journey started when Netflix added Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood to their catalog. After completing the show I thought to myself, “Wait, isn’t alchemy a real thing?” Therein began my research. Learning of alchemy led me to Hermeticism wherein I discovered the Hermetic principles as well as the other two branches of Hermeticism: Astrology and Theurgy. Astrology opened the doorway to learning about divination and Theurgy led me to integrating the practice of magick into my everyday life. I use tarot, oracle cards, and the iChing for divination. I consider my cards family. As for magick, the best label I have seen used would be ‘eclectic’. Along with the Hermetic teachings I have worked with numerology, the qabalistic tree of life, chakras, and demons. All in all, I largely follow my intuition, sticking with what works and discarding the rest.

While my beliefs constantly evolve, I would like to express the analogy I use for my existence. At present, I feel life is an RPG with my character being the only one freely roaming the map and everyone else being an NPC. This belief is one of the few that have only been reinforced throughout my journey.

Last but not least, here are some ‘mystical’ experiences I have had:

Spoke to Poemandres and he told me I have the heart of a dragon.

My higher self told me I am a ‘controller’, though I am unsure what this is.

I was scratched by a demon named Seres, though I do not know more about her.

Lilith gave me empowering advice out of the blue which sparked an interest in working with demons.

I have done past life regression and have cleared all of my karma.

I know what it is like to be an NPC and I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

I am free from suffering and my spells are largely successful due to my prioritization of self-transmutation.

Dimensional shifts such as objects appearing and disappearing out of the blue.

Some deetz about my blueprint:
My first name and full birthname reduce to 7.

My full date of birth reduces to 7.

My Sun is at 7 degrees Capricorn…in the 7th house.

8th house Aqu Saturn is Vargottama and is the final depositor of every planet in my chart.

8th house Aqu Venus is Atmakaraka is squared by Pluto. “Shukra is the guru of the asuras.” Demons fuck with me heavy because of this.

I also created my own ‘black ghost’ from my shadow-self inspired by those in the anime Ajin. He helps me feel accompanied and protected.

I can also provide guidance in growing as a magician as well as a person as they are one in the same.

I have been lurking the forum for far too long and decided to finally introduce myself. Much love to you all.



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I read in a different post you read charts. Can ask you to read one of me?

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