Introduction + I need help with orobas

the day I decided to work with orobas he made his presence known undeniably. via messing with my radio… seeing his likeness in my mind’s eye as a pale sad horse… and said to me " wishish is alish " ( help with translation please ) before I willed him away… I was not yet ready , I had not made it the Mathers/Crowley circle and triangle. 2 weeks later I was ready.
I did this , but forgot the broom and 2 of penticles. and failed to summon him . I did as the book commanded. threatened him and burned his sigil.
I regretted this because it was NEVER in my realm of intent, I had nothing but respect and admiration for the spirit. I exacted a pennance upon myself for this ignorant act. to show my respect and intent.

I tried with the circle, without the circle.
with the triangle. and just the mirror.
5 summonings later I’ve gottan nothing.
I have however feel a presence from the Enn’s I’ve done durring work or other tasks while visualization of his sigil and likeness to strengthen my link. I know I’ve felt him. but I’ve heard no words since… and it’s much harder to visualize his likeness than it was the first night when he connected to me.

I have not fasted. and I am on methadone … I don’t know of this is interfering… or am I not waiting long enough for him to answer? I’ve changed for HOURS.
and I’ve changed for 30 - 40 minutes.still nothing.

I’ve done the lesser banishing before… and then I have done it without . still. 5 attempts. and I’ve got nothing.

I have Washington broom, dirt water tin and two of penticles and I burn actual ceadar dust with rosicrucian incense… someone please give me some advice. why is he not connecting with me. what am I doing wrong? I work into a trance… I open the viels. I open my mind I will him inside… I get nothing
I use strength to call him… nothing.
I state into my eyes into the black mirror … and become blank.
I get nothing.

Ok before anything please please just stop…never listen to the books he won’t come cause doing that stuff hurts he has a right not to show never use circles or triangles or threats unless it’s an extremely dangerous demon

Orobas is not

First thing u need to do is write an apology to him
Then do a cleansing of your self and space use correct candles color and Incents
Gwt his enn and his sigil

Don’t burn or destroy it’s very disrespectful others do I bit I’d advise against only cause drawing them over again is a pain

Before u do any rite come here and look things up some books n info on line are very unhelpful and unreliable

I know how it is to have fear when calling on them he was new to me to but I called him and he been getting extreme results since we spoke I have his name pinned on my door cause he has done an amazing job

I really hope this helps just becareful demons don’t take well to this kind of things k


Unless a ritual specify otherwise (but then, would the ritual itself be wrong?), an advice about mirror and triangle: the first should theoretically be inside the second, and both near the northeast corner or the eastern wall of the “temple”.

Alright, first things first @Ben_F.R.C Please properly introduce yourself. It is a rule of this forum. Tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick.

How old are you?

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in.

what are correct elements and things…blue or orange candle, tin or lead, and 2 of swords or penticles.
I did write an apology to him along with his seal on paper and burned it… and concentrated on it greatly

he knows I was sorry and that I exacted a pennance upon myself in kind. I burned… I never disrespect those who do not deserve it. I felt remorse for this.

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Ah my introduction.

well I had experiences as a child in a government program which I will not get into details but I was aware of the power of telepathy and mind control. and from that third eye Awakening I have always had a perception of the underlying control system in this world and on the human mind so I had became a conspiracy theorist until I had finally realized the New world order agenda and it was at that point that i realized it was needed.

so I began studying the groups. and metaphysics, harmonics. but my first major experience was when I was in a jail cell locked with only my mind and the image of Solomon’s Temple was in my mind and I began to decode the structure. and the meaning of the compass and square of the Masonic symbol. within the following week I was given two visions in a half sleep state I saw the formation of the universe and understood the concept of harmonics and understood the speed of light and how to surpass it, and other dimensional concepts… I knew what I needed to do. I needed to become a mason.
I began mental work, and manifested a masonic lawyer directly into my jail cell as my cell mate. amazing.
I couldn’t believe it.
but there he was and after short conversation he was going to vouch for me.
though I didn’t want to become an Eastern Star. I waited until my release… and knew I had to find the kybalion. I don’t know how or why. but I needed to find it. I found it immediately and became enthralled and consumed in hermetic philosophy.
a short two weeks later through the concepts and axioms in hermetic philosophy things began to fall into place like dominoes and I understood the universe that I stood in and what i truely was.
I searched and found that the rosicrucian order in Seattle was more in line with my philosophical beliefs in light work and mass consciousness prayers everyday. ( which is the one thing I would change on this Earth if I could is that every human being would pray at the same time for the exact same thing and change causality)

I wrote a somewhat brief message to the rosicrucian master and was invited to the temple for a discussion group. and was asked to join the order they where impressed with the amount of information that I had obtained and my ability for deductive reasoning for a cult concepts and secrets. I did not tell them that I had only studied this for under 2 months but I had been learning it quickly faster and more clear than anything I had ever known in my life, this was my path.

before I joined the rosicrucian order I had noticed that people like Nikola Tesla Hermes trismegistus many many distinct and distinguished figures in history had gained their knowledge through the communication with spirits Angels and demons, and it was through this knowledge and these contacts that they were able to achieve such monumental feats. and had a knowledge far surpassing any normal human.

I knew I had to do this as well . my quest had always been for knowledge self evolution so I could subsequently help humanity with a higher path… I have always been a shame to have been a human being because of their blatant stupidity and short-sightedness I knew it was my duty to amass great knowledge so I could lead a deserving group of them to something higher
it wasthe one time in my life I had ever felt real fear I sat in my living room and shook for 2 hours knowing that in the future what I would attempt to do… I wasgoing to receive a full knowledge of numerology astrology and Alchemy from a demon. so I may become what I always knew I had to be…
a short time after I met the rosicrucians I was given a meditation which was designed to bring the consciousness to a higher dimension and speak with a watcher or angel… this was an extremely potent experience I saw visions symbols while I was lucid after the initial vision of meeting with the angel and which it said to me something that I thought was complete gibberish and chalked it up to lucid dream and come to find out it was ancient Hebrew and the answer to the question I had asked it… which was…
I sought the light of Thoth . I had deciphered something out of the emerald tablets in believed I knew the location of thoths hidden library, though I did not possess the inner vibration to illuminate the halls of crystal. but I did know the incantation of light.
this was my first experience with an demonic/angelic took my zen in my balance and I have been emotionally unstable since…
as I said it was a very potent experience that I’m still recovering from over a year later.

nearly two years passed since my release from jail and the visions that changes me and other experiences that I am 100% sure that a being of much higher vibration had connected with me and left me barely able to walk straight because my head was ringing so badly… now I am ready for enochian magic.
I have lists of curriculum and books from the ascended masters and various offers that would take a lifetime to read.
but I am on my journey and I am progressing I’m very pleased to meet you all my chosen name is songofthesun. F.R.C.

now I am deputy director of the temple of light and a neophyte.of the rosicrucian order

Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience. I have edited your title so people will know you have done an introduction.

Orobas is made out of pure gold (spiritually spoken), he is super easy to approach and he is usually very patient and easygoing towards the person who wants to speak to him.
Don’t push yourself too much into “Aaaarrgh, why doesn’t he answer me right now and here”, Orobas communicates through your feelings a lot at first (he knows that a lot of people have huge problems with “hearing”, so to speak). Its not necessary to threaten him, since he probably heard you the first time (its generally not necessary to threaten him, out of all spirits. He deserves better,lel. It hurts my non existent heart reading this, since Orobas is one of those spirits people tend to disrespect because he decides to stay “civil” in many cases. A different spirit would maybe come back to you for the threatening thing alone and its not for having a coffee and a chat).


That means you are forgiven

When I called him I used blue candles

I got results with only the candles his sigil his enn and my self that’s it you don’t need to make it super extreme just the bare minimum will work fine I am happy to hear he forgave you he is very wonderful I have to do more work with him he. Is such a great spirit to work with

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i.dont know that he forgave me… like I said. the day that I decided on him he contacted me and made his presence very strongly known and even spoke to me before I willed him away because I was not ready yet. btw. what does wishish ish alish mean…
but when I was finally ready to do the summoning nothing happened in the Mathers Crowley geotia told me the threaten him and burn the sigil… I did this. and I felt very sorry for this. and like I said. I burned his sigil. so I in turn , burned myself. I am a very caring and honorable person. I believe in retribution. so I did this. and apologized many times.
3 nights ago on paper I wrote a " what I would offer you, what I would bring you, I am worthy of partnership, I’m exited o meet you , your name has honor and I plan to go or it and spread it as well and bring you many many people and I wrote the apology. within the circle I drew his sigil and burned the paper… is this wrong? or the right way to “call him” "

but 5 summonings later… I’ve felt his presence many times when doing enns… and summonings… I felt something in my mind. but no words. no aknowlegement since the failed summoning using full circle and triangle. and the threats… which I never had the intent or idea of EVER doing before reading the book.

after burning his sigil and threatening him as the book demanded I do… the next time after I burned myself, I used NO PROTECTION , and gave an apology… to show him i really was at his Mercy should he decide to.exact fair retribution against me. like I said… for weeks I prepared for him, and thought nothing but honorable things from what I’ve read of him. and in turn spread that word to many others who are waiting for my success to then follow and work with him as well.
I do not want a simple.meeting. I want a long Looooonnng business partnership…
I’m willing to give back so much more than he gives me and I had even planned to only asked him for information so he did not expend energy in working with me and that I would in turn give him much energy in the form of offerings and people… I would even dedicate an entire farm for his burnt offerings.

this is why I believe the day I decided I was for sure going to work with him that he made his presence known to me because he knew how I felt about working with him and what I would offer and how I would honor him.

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bunny if you could text me… I’d greatly appreciate it.
I humbly ask for your help/advice… and maybe something you can do… that I cannot :confused:
this would be worth something to me… and subsequently to you.

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I understand but as I said the bare minimum worked for me when I called that’s y I suggested you do the same

I feel that he has accepted but u won’t know til you try again and when you do show him in earnest you want him there with a bow of respect and that should show him

I’ve not delt with hurting them although I did what you did to furfur cause the books say to trap him in a triangle

I found that it was not necessary to do this since we’ll he did what I asked he came and I kinda fell in love with him lol

He has been by me since then and we have only grown

I would not mind but u don’t have p.m open do you?

if I wrote an apology on paper in a circle with his sigil in it, and burned it to send it into the ether… is burning the sigil this way STILL wrong . there are conflicting reports I’ve read on this.

I don’t see pm… I looked

I agree I was afraid of calling him since he was new to me but found it very relaxing to just talk to him and he has came through in a huge way for me I was able to speak with him… He called me countess for w.e reason though but all in all he is very sweet well I think so

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It’s ok I can p.m u or email you and walk you through some steps I need to

Burning sigils is not wrong or disrespectful.

Sometimes we get in our own way. Desperation or lust for results - or conflicting desire and expectation.

If Orobas was truly upset with you, it’s more likely he would confront you directly, and you’d KNOW it was him. Demons take zero shit and they’ll get in your face one way or other if you give them disrespect. They are not passive aggressive beings.

Let it go for a good while, then when it feels good, redo the operation.

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