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Hi! My name is Brent, nice to meet you! I’m 33, from the USA. No history with magic. I come from a Christian family that taught that it’s dangerous and will damn your soul to a fiery pit of eternal torture. I’ve always been an anti authoritarian that challenges any system of control. So naturally, I’m at a point where I recognize the poisonous effects of religion and I’ve begun to challenge my beliefs. Crying out to God and begging for love and prosperity and getting nowhere isn’t working. I can’t just hope for the best anymore. I’m ready to take an active role in my reality. As far as business goes…after I honorably finished my time in the Marines, I spent ten years trying to start a business. I got onto Shark Tank, but I couldn’t get the product I invented off the ground so I never made it. I started businesses in other industries, always coming up too short to get enough air under my wings to fly. Spent fifteen years forming a currency trading strategy that when back tested, turns $50k into $3mil in 2.5 months. I have what it takes to become filthy rich, I just never had enough capital to make it happen. I just got back into the oilfield. I’m making five figures a month. Just bought my own equipment, acquired contracts, and in a month I’ll be making $250k+ per year. I’ll invest that into growing in ecommerce, I have a friend that makes a million per month who is showing me the ropes. In the next month I’ll be hiring either E.A. Koetting or J.S. Garrett to do the Wealth and Prestige Rite for me with Suhn’tal’ock. After my wealth starts flowing, I’ll buy everything E.A. has published and begin my journey into the Left Hand Path with the intent to conquer money completely and put it all on managed autopilot so that I can focus completely on ritual, soul travel, and ascension. Nice to meet you all, thank you for reading! Love and best wishes to each and every one of you!


Thanks for doing an introduction, @B_B, and welcome to the forum!

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Welcome brother. Nice introduction!


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

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