Hey, I’m Damian. This time last year I’ve just been pulled towards hermetic teachings, the more I follow the more I go down the rabbit hole so to speak. I’ve always known something was “off” about the world but it wasn’t until recently until things started…. Changing. I go back and forth and contemplate weather I’m crazy or not and then have to remind myself that nothing tells the truth like the eyes will. And I can’t deny how and what I feel. I’ve practically gave up the material world and notice myself growing distant from my family as they continue on with their way of living life. Even close friends started growing apart. Which is why coming across this forum lifted my spirits.

Welcome @DamianMorningstar

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

Do you follow any particular system or tradition?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

Well I’m in the US. Born in Arizona but I moved around so I remember nothing of it. I just started to actually get into magic so I’m practically a new born. Anything before hand just started out as research but then I started hearing things. I brushed it off as my own thought voice but I eventually listened and convinced myself it wasn’t my own. What jump started everything was when I started meditating and I felt like I was leaving my body but I snapped back into it. Everything enhanced. My hearing. I could hear leaves rustle in the trees outside as if I was right there. Everything brightened and I could see more colors. I’d close my eyes and I’d see things as if it was crystal clear. Random things too. Patterns, I once saw a bunch of gold coins. I thought I was going crazy. So now hear I am, eager to learn and fill in what I don’t understand.

And I’m eager in learning black magic left hand path

Welcome to the forum Damian :wave:t5: Nice to have you here. You can start here if you have some time for a little bit of reading:

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