Intro + Is there anything I can do

I know about the basic stuff magiak and meditation and evocation and those stuff the problem I live Islamic house house so meeing if they will see I will be in deep problems …is there anything I can do…to communicate with demons or anything… because I can’t do it in the home …thanks

Do you have any actual experience in magick or are you a beginner?

It is a rule of this forum that all new members must introduce themselves and tell us about themselves and any magical experience they may have,

I used to mediate and tried to evoke when I had a place

If you have the basics down, you could evoke and perform rituals and disguise them as prayer. Tools aren’t really needed and prayer is actually a decent oportunity to perform magic: quiet, focused on the spiritual and people won’t question quiet chanting.

I added “intro” to your title so this post can stand as yours.

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But do I need to activate my sence to feel them or the prayer and chanting will do it ?

You’ll need to develop some kind of astral sense. This could be sight, hearing or just energetic sense. This can all be done through meditation.
I made a post of opening the third eye and empowering it recently. It requires a little prior magical knowledge to understand, but you might find it helpful.
The prayer is just a may to hide the fact your meditating, communing with spirits and chanting. The magic is the same, at the end if the day. There’s plenty of threads to get you going with evocation and different ways of performing magic. A good read over some of the old threads will likely help. We’re find with necro threads here, so just tag any questions you have on the end of the thread in question.

Where is the meditation post ? Btw thanks for the information

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This is my post

Its aimed at manipulation of others, but developing the third eye will allow for spiritual communication

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