Intro & Curiosity

First of all,

Hi everyone !
I hope everything is going as you wish it , as you can guess I’m fearly new to all of this
I had my own intersest into occult & spirtitism since a year but I didn’t look into it too much except for some sigils and basic communication with protectors-spirits

So to not bother anyone too much and make things boring by asking questions that were ask thousands of times already
I’ll just ask if some of you gentle people to take a bit of time to give me some links to any kind of knowledge source that you consider the basis and everything else that is important to know

I’m honestly lost and doesn’t know were to start…
For exemple I’ve seen people talk about “King Paimon” but I really have almost no clue why and I’d like to know more about all that kind of things also

Thanks in advance for your time,

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Welcome to the forum.


This thread might help you.

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Welcome to the forum

Thanks everyone !

And I’m going to check that immediatly !
Big thanks for the links, I greatly appreciate every windows that can lead me to know more about anything

Be sure to check this out:


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