Insurance Company Injustice, Swap Help For A Reading?

Hello Everyone

I need your help please
My tenant thrashed my unit and I’m having an awful time getting the insurance company to pay to get it repaired and I can’t rent it in the state it’s in.

I’m living with a friend and can’t do ritual.

If you help me, in exchange, you can send me photos of yourself and I’ll tell you if I see any spirits around you. Please don’t send photos with stark white backgrounds, as they’re difficult to see.

Thanks so much.

I can’t get into helping magickally, but I made your topic title more descriptive, and suggest you try praying (telepathic petition for aid, one of mankind’s oldest forms of magick) to this god first, an aspect of Mercury. He deals with all matters of social insurance, where people contribute to a communal fund to help in times of need: information on Mercury Dolius.

Look up the Hour of Mercury in your location in the next link, I have a gut feeling to say choose the first Hour after dark to do the first set of prayer, the second choose a daylight Hour during Sunday (dark to light): Planetary Hours and Days | Lunarium

Hopefully you will also get assistance, but this is a start and the prayer to Mercury Dolius (Mercury being the great facilitator, and master of magick) won’t conflict with any other kind of normal magick.

Good luck getting this sorted out. :+1:

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You were quite right; but I missed the hour of Mercury by an hour and tomorrow is Sunday.

I suppose I’ll have to wait until next week?

Where are you (country/state not exact address)?

Btw trying to find out, i see you didn’t ever get round to doing an intro - can you please do one next? :+1:


Thank you Lady Eva.

I did what you told me and the insurance company came through with their payments.

I also went to court yesterday and got my full Bond refunded.