Information For All new magicians. Please read prior to asking your question

Hello, in this thread I’ll be covering the most common questions and misconceptions that we hear from new members. I’ll be adding to this periodically as more questions arise.
A sigil is a symbol that represents a demon or something connected to that demon. The sigils found in grimoires are general sigils representing an aspect of a demon, and as such could be applied to more than one demon or spirit.
When we open a sigil we are basically using the sigil to steer us through the astral towards the demon in question. It also acts as a beacon of sorts to help the demon come to you. It’s basically doing part of the evocation for you, so sigils are ideal for the in experienced
If you find evocation difficult but want to meet the same spirit multiple times, after you’ve feel the spirit, you should draw your own sigil that represents the demon in your eyes. This will be far more effective as it will pull you to that demon specifically.
The last thing to remember, and what brings me onto my next topic, is that sigils are a tool and therefore not necessary if you don’t want to use one.

Tools,incense and ritual equipment:
A lot of use tools of some kind in our rituals, yet despite them being so common place it’s this area that I see cropping up quite often.
A tool, such as incense or a certain coloured robe, doesn’t actually effect the ritual directly but this being said they can increase the effectiveness of our spells. The reason for this is basically the placebo effect. We engage in a bit of pomp and ceremony and feel as though we’re doing it right, meaning that we are able to focus more and naturally channel more energy into the spell.
As in all things there are exceptions. The black mirror and sigil, for example help compensate for a magicians lack of experience and do help you channel energy directly
Other examples include a flame for pyrokinesis training or smoke when practicing manipulating air currents
Personally I’d advise new magicians and sorcerers not to use tool and equipment Other than those that compensate for their in experience. Such as a mirror for scrying or sigil for summoning. As you can easily get bogged down.

Staves, wands and other enchanted items:
Although these fall into the category of tool, I felt they needed their own category due to the fact they do differ slightly.
Inanimate objects such as a staff or stone can be enchanted and used to bolster your own power. There are multiple ways of doing this.
The easiest is simply to enchant it your self, this will yield lesser results but is a simple matter of meditating over the object and channeling in energy to draw on later.
The other option is to seal a lesser demon or spirit within the object and draw on its power.


Opening the third eye:
The third eye is one of the most important things to sort out before you can really get into magic. It allows you to see spirits and the astral, among other uses.
There are several exercises you can perform to accomplish this. The first is simple meditation: Enter a meditative state as though you’re going to cast a spell then close your eyes. ‘Look’ at the space just above your eyebrows and nose. Focus on it and after a while you will start to see a stars of colour. This means you’re doing it right and its working.
The other is to breath energy in and out of your third eye. This is just what it sounds like and is a more advanced exercise.
For more on this please visit the angelfire:joy of satan
Meditation is essential for all magic users not matter what your path, goals etc. It allows us to enter the correct state to cast magic, see the astral, communicate easily with spirits and perform rituals successfully, etc.
It is especially important to the novice mage as they may not be able to see the astral, sense spirits, or see their own chakras at all with out it.
Again this is covered in depth on the joy of satan.

Useful links:


The full evocation:
A full evocation is the act of bringing demon before you in the same plane of existence, this can be in your ritual hall, you could go to them and meet in the astral.
How people see the spirits depends completely on your astral sight ( so get meditating and doing your exercises).
Most new magicians will get little more than a feeling of something being near by. An adept will be able to clearly feel the demons presence and may also be able to the demon with their astral sight. ( this will not be like looking with your normal eyes). A master will be able to merge his astral sight with the normal sight and will see the demon very clearly. This is similar to looking at another person. He will also be able to see the demons aura, the portal it came through and probably its thoughts as well.
So what I’m getting at is this: don’t expect too much. Think about how powerful you are and then form realistic expectations. If your expecting a spirit to bool in through the door, but are only a novice then you wont be looking for the right signs and will not notice your ritual’s success.
As far as hearing spirits goes, a novice will get feelings and emotions at most, an adept will hear the demon in their head ( like a thought) and an adept can usually hear them like a normal person. Again, realistic expectations should be applied.
An important point to note is that to be successful you must have all the chakras on your head and the penal gland functioning
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This is a topic I usually avoid trying to nail down in a this is objectively it kind of way purely because it is different for everyone. I think the best way to put it is the state of complete contentment and omnipotence, where all your aims and goals have been fulfilled, you have mastered magic and are able to fully utilise your souls power. E.A. refers to this as god hood, though that isn’t really the right phrase to use.
There are different established paths you can choose, or you can choose your own. There is no right or wrong and this is best researched yourself.
Note* this isn’t really a concern for novices, think about ascension once you know the ropes.

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For research material google your latest Online Role Playing Games and the available Sorceror Class specializations. =)

And if its available join your local LARPing to get a full understanding of ritual, proper dress, and how ro whack someone with a latex sword lol. Good explanations Zac :slight_smile:

This would be a good thread to sticky, so people new to the forums (and magick in general) will see this thread as soon as they look in “New Magician Help.” Is that something lady Eva or any other mod would consider?

It’s funny you should say that… Based on what I’ve been hearing from E.A.K. and some others about the “mechanics” - the how & why magick actually works - the White Wolf RPG, Mage: The Ascension is actually pretty damn spot on!

Of course, I’m still researching and building up to my first attempt so my skepticism hasn’t been assuaged yet, so I’m typing this with a grain of salt. But it DOES seem as though it works for all of you, soooo…

If you’re new to this and you like games like D&D, definitely check out MAGE: THE ASCENSION!

We’ve got lots of pinned threads, and the mnore there are toi wade through, the less chance (usually) of anyone bothering, which is why we have to send reminder for intros to around 50% of new members :o) but what I will do is check whether it got added to the New Member Resources thread, and if not - add it on! :slight_smile:

Nice explanation Zac, thanks for taking the time to help the greenhorns

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Thanks, glad people are finding use in it

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Let me add a little something here.

Being a magician, or artist as ea days it. Honestly I like artist more.

Being this is independent of religious. Or spiritual practice. I’m a catholic and I use magic a lot. Ideas that this is a wiccan or satanic only thing isn’t true. In fact I can quote several verse I. Corinthians to back this up.

But the point is. This isn’t against any spiritual practice. There may by things that do and conflict with what you beleove in and that is normal just with everyday life. The idea is to evaluate yourselves and ask what is moreimprotant. If you fi d you have natural talent but these things seem to conflict with your believes then learn an e plore more .

I personally call myself a oath breaker as a mock term. I follow no path there for I’m not bound by any path that conflicts with what I believe in.

Also ask yourselve why you want to pursue that path of a mage. If your doing it to feel better or special your doing it wrong. And trust when I say, the path of magic does choose you…or anyone…we choose this path. And its better that way.