Incubus has a high sex drive?

Hey I was already on another topic when you messaged so that’s why I’m replying so fast. I didn’t use a letter of intent when he came to me. It was a month after I started my spiritual journey and opened all of my chakras and astral senses. I guess I was giving off some sort of sexual energy that he liked and he came to me. It was very weird and slightly scary at first. I wanted to ask goddess Lilith if she could help me (of course id give offerings and such) but since he’s probably not an incubus I don’t think it’d do much help.


If you think he’s not an incubus then I would banish. I’m thinking if you want an actual incubus, maybe try to develop a relationship with Lilith - then ask her. You’d have a better chance of getting an actual Incubi that way.


Yeah but I’m kind of scarred now :sweat_smile: I think I’ll stay away from this kind of stuff from now on lol

Well, I would definitely practice banishing, protection, warding, etc to get the basics down. Always learn the basics first. Alot of people don’t start there, which is where most of the problems come from.

No need to be scared, own your personal power and banish banish banish! Then cleanse.


perhaps an incubus will possess a man in order to sire a Lilin by his partner but, again, that probably goes by unnoticed by everyone concerned. What do u mean by this ?

What are the signs of him being a mimic of an incubus or succubi ?? Even if she or her dose have some similarities …tell me the main key drives to of it being a pest or a mimic ? Imean to say her/he lol

Who is him. I’m confused.

Well dont really have a gender for sure if rather or not its a male being a female or the other way a round …these being so ive learned r genderless since they can change back and forth righ??

Idk just tiny stuff ive learned from different sites and stuff.

Well possession usually happens only if the person allows it to happen, I have heard of spirits possessing the partner of the conjuere during sex… But I don’t think it’s going to happen without some form of consent.

It’s not like the movies…

Why mimic/pest?

Maybe divine to see if your spirit is an ubi or not if your worried about that.

Well I did have a vision about my succubus in a human form leaning over the sink in a bathroom ? Soo in a way ig thats a prime example.

And I was told recent by someone that …once ur marriages are concealed /continuing with these being …u typically one with them or become one with them…or typically you become them in a way?

You match their energy in a sense which usually makes your energy like theirs.

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Yea okay I see

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Hey can u answer this tho
Why the hell was she/he trying to brake off my cheap bracelets but couldnt (in the supernatural) she could brake off all the others but just that one she couldnt. after I had told her to fed off me so she can gain some energy for the time to last her …u know for old how long until she becomes hungry or whatever again. But anyways yea I was super confused bout that and old what it had meant either ??

She started to brake my the bracelet I had on right after I had gave her my consent to fed * basically is the point here ? And idk why?

I just saw this post had new responses, and I was curious by your statement. If you continue in sexual relations with an Ubi your energy eventually starts to match theirs?

From what I know yes, your energy can become more like theirs. However I’m not sure it always will, just like everything there is probably some subjective change to this.


I mean, why is it so significant that she can’t “brake a bracelet”…

Same way as, you tend to become more alike the people you spend time with/etc. You don’t become them, but you vibe with them more.

Obviously doesn’t happen ALL the time, but I mean if you spend alot of time with someone - you might start to take after them alittle (traits, values, etc).

The difference being physical vs spiritual obviously.

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