INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)

wow thats very interesting i would love to research it more…
i am research it as we speak i found some really interesting stuff like the philosopher’s stone


The philosopher’s stone from what I and many magicians believe is actually a technique of alchemy and isn’t really a metaphysical of supernatural material.

EA Koetting calls it the devils stone, it is more fitting for the devils stone is materialising the imagine into matter.

Also taking a energetic spiritual construct and speeding down the subsonic and quantum vibrations and energetic speed of the energy down very low to become matter.

It’s actually something which he teaches through the evocation course via structuring.


Incantation for emotional management, clearing, healing, and more by King beleth

Meditate like this set your intentions and chant

“ets onay eshtu male’lu”


“it opens the heart” - beleth


Ancient Script of the Gods?


what kind of result have you gotten using that book

Lung problems : done
The incantation works I have my breathing back to the game, thank you @Micah


Calling energetic forces of healing

Given to me by a Channeled spirit, this has the power to heal any energetic disease and even physical, by even gaze at the words you can feel the energies
It can be strengthen while listening to healing frequencies, green colors and other healing stuff

“Ano anu ernez’sta kalu maji’ka mahu en’spera du an lantu
es specha
kamios de la mu”


does this mean I can say this phrase when trying to communicate with them?

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I’m sure why you replied to me, but quoted C. Kendall.

@C.Kendall can better answer your question.

here’s what I wanted to ask - what does this mean?

Most demonic incantations don’t “mean” anything. Their effect comes from the vibration of their particular set of consonants and vowels, not from any perceived translation of meaning.

However, since @C.Kendall received the particular incantation you are asking about, maybe he was also given a translation.


Can you tell me in what tradition these words are?

Will this incantation be offensive to any particular type of being ?

Thanks :pray:

Linan Tasa Jaden King Paimon. A way of summoning King Paimon-an enn I recieved earlier from him. A way of strengthening the connection and to manifest his results into your life


Thats what i say also evrn though the “king” is not added on printed texts i feel it should be.
Maybe thats his doing?:blush:


I wouldn’t use titles when communicating with friends and family like Azazel. For me the 9 demon Kings of Hell are my family and friends and the 9 Infernal Divinities too. If one of them wants to be addressed with his title is because probably the relationship isn’t strong enough or emotional.


I understand. It makes sense yes. I am feeling this way with Belial and after what Azazel did tonight to shut down a deafening party in our street before the time i asked for i am very inclined to relationship building. :laughing::innocent::smiling_imp:


Should be stated that once done will progressively continue with education


Hi everyone, I wish to throw in a quick but immense, immense thanks for your efforts! I have to keep up to check out everyone’s posts - I feel like I’m in candy-land thanks to all of you and I’m sure many feel the same way - you all rock----BiG TiMe! :smiley:

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