In need of a very specific amount of money

I’m in need of a very specific amount of money, $3700 to be exact. I’ve been trying everything I can think of to sell stuff I have to get this money but keep running into road blocks for some reason. I need this money to settle a debt and I’m failing miserably at coming up with the money. That said I need help and advice as to how to quickly manifest a specific amount of money.

I’ve done a lot of reading and Bune is a popular suggestion for money needs but I’ve also read that large amounts of money shouldn’t be asked for, specifically amounts over $1000 or you could have some adverse consequences.

I work two jobs and my second job is based very much on demand of the service and I chant Bunes Enn frequently during my time working my second job and Bune has delivered with much appreciation, every bit helps. But now I find myself in need of a fairly significant amount of money and I don’t know weather I should turn to Bune, at the risk of coming across of being ungrateful for the help I’ve already received.

If anyone has suggestions as to a quick manifestation of a large some of money, in this case $3700, any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Brandon :wave::smile: I’ve read that Gremory can assist with money issues as well. Here’s a thread about money magick that can possibly help you.

Good luck, I hope you’re able to get help soon.


Why wouldn’t you go to Bune? You’re letting your fears creep in just a little and stalling. You must push it away. Believe in what you want and approach without fear, He will take care of the rest.

Just another perspective: If I was Bune, and you had already been working with me successfully for the small thing but didn’t call me for the big things when you really needed me, I would be butt hurt LOL

This is a first on me, where did you read that.


I must have read his post too fast. I thought I read he tried Bune and didn’t get the money he asked for.

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The olympian spirit Phaleg works fast! In 5 days i received about 3000.00…


It was a post on here, someone wrote about working with Bune and money and they made reference that your askings shouldn’t be more than $1000 or it could have negative effects if you ask for more such as loss of someone’s life. It sounded extreme but I’ve stuck with only asking for help making the extra money I need to survive but now I’m in need of a larger amount. But I completely get what you’re saying about not asking Bune when I’ve already been working with Bune and it possibly causing some tention there.

No, Bune has helped me make the extra money I need to get by which has been a huge help and greatly appreciated, I was just under the impression that you weren’t suppose to ask Bune for large some of money over $1000. I’d much rather stick with Bune as I’m very comfortable with Bune.

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Also I haven’t seen anything on here as to the best offerings for Bune, especially when asking for help with large sums of money. Blood, flowers, some sort of alcohol?

Interestingly enough after I posted this, I went to sleep and had a dream where all I saw was Bunes sigil over and over almost like a wallpaper on your computer and the sigils were glowing very vibrant colors and all I could hear in the dream was Bune being said over and over again in a very soothing female voice.

If you’re working with Bune and she has helped you, then stick with her in your time of need.

I don’t know where did you read that she wouldn’t help with more than 1000 bucks, but have this in mind: sometimes we misread things. Try to find that post and read it again. I say this respectfully.

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Did you do this by the sigil or a petition… I’m asking for the same amount or more… I want to get out of debt and help my mom [quote=“blackwitchd47, post:5, topic:79244”]

I think Bune is a relevant choice, but if working with ‘demons’ is a little uncomfortable to you then I’d suggest St Expedite. He is known for for producing substantial financing results ridiculously fast.


Look claunek spell im youtube, by bwc, or invoqe his seal give bread and a drink any kind, try baphomet also., or ganwsha to open the roads too. Lady fortune ,


Dude look tat video. It work fast,

This one?


Hi I’m in a bad financial time. Can you please help me in how to contact phaleg
Thank you

Yes, Gremory can help with some money issues, and is also a very pleasant demon to work with, and also can help you figure out why you’re running into these obstacles, and with divination. Gremory is one I easily recommend.