In defense Of Lilith

To be fair, quite a lot of us find it amusing, and figure the entity might just be into the energy and so on, the same as with Lilith when she’s approached with that goal, however the point IS well made that being seen as primarily sexual is still seen as somehow victimising for a female entity, in ways that are not true of a male god or demon.

So perhaps we can take that away from the conversation as a relatively on-topic observation, and leave the primate poop-flinging that broke out there safely behind? :+1:


Lmao agreed

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I could not have said it any better. Very impressive post StrengthenedWarrior very well said indeed



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You are most welcome Friend :grinning:

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Lady_Eva yeah it’s still hypocritical bovine excrement they don’t bring to discussions of sexuality surrounding male spiritual entities. Those persons making an issue about sexuality with female spirits are projecting their own insecurities. I’ll do you better lets say that someone is seeking Goddess Lilith out for sexual related matters? Then so what such a person will experience the results of that choice and that’s his or her path!!! On any given day there how many new posts are made about getting new loves, or get laid, or requesting spells related to lust? Then suddenly it’s somehow wrong to discuss sexuality of a female spiritual being? That’s clearly the pinnacle of cognitive dissonance.

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I have many ways how she is with me, she mother’s me, she teaches me, and on a couple of occasions she has been sexual with me, sometimes she is like a wife to me makes sure I’m ok on all levels, the love I have for her is truly unconditional and I wont ever change the way I feel about her, she has made changes in my life like no other. Every day it’s something big or small she takes the effort to help me.


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If it helps ease your thoughts, I seriously doubt Lilith is worried about the opine in any forum post. Whether or not “she” or aspects of her may have those exact traits they claim, it really doesn’t matter. I can pretty much bet she is laughing at such trivial concepts much in the same way the infernal laugh at people thinking they are possessing humans against their will.

I’d ask her directly and get that gnosis personally though. It matters to you, so maybe that’s her way of getting your attention to work more with her.

I’d wager this person has no first-hand gnosis and is either delusional or being misled by the opinions in articles, forum posts, or as a huge stretch…maybe thoughtforms or other imposter entities. The latter I doubt though.


Theres a lot of misconceptions on Succubis and Lilith, I felt anger when I saw that right after calling her, I had to say something

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Completely understood, trust me. I just think that anger may be a signal that she wants you to work with her even more though.

It could also be just emotional reaction to a personal attachment.

Very true. It’s just the sense I personally received when reading the entire thread. Though I’ve been known to be wrong on pretty much a daily basis lol.

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Fucking hell. You make it sound like the dark gods are employees for several vapid Silicon Valley companies.

This “respect” without first challenging the dark gods with an extreme arrogance so that they may break you, and in that breaking gain insight and the fine threads of a personal relationship should they deem you strong enough to take it, is why almost everyone is greeted with an egregore.

If you think you mean anything to them, that you are even on their radar without first attempting to fly to their sun and consequently having your wings burned off, you could not be more wrong.


Alright, alright, alright. Looks like some people are targeting Middernag sympathisers. If it’s war ye’ wants it’s war ye’ll get. Up the MN!


Interesting this popped up in my email. I’ve been looking for good info on Lilith and been thinking she would be able to help protect my daughter from her dads emotional abuse. And before anyone jumps down my throat, he’s in another state but court order is she talks to him daily. But he’s causing her major anxiety. She is seeing a psychologist. Do you have any suggestions book wise?

not book wise, but id suggest contacting her through her sigil on Satan and suns

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perhaps, but I never worked with her successfully, and had called her like 4 times in total, what are the chances I get results right before the post offending her was posted?