"In Darkness Bound" And The Psychology Of Demons

I look forward, too, in fact I have dreamed about these summits so they must take place sooner or later, LOL![/quote]

Would you say they’re related to Azi Dahaka somehow?

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@Lady_Eva your posts here are incredible! I am inspired, as always by them. I have been contemplating and being driven to work with my subconscious mind/being but I had no graspable idea how to manifest that desire into reality. If reality is the right word even. Your post not only showed me it is possible to do it but gave the steps how to manifest this into a workable thing. I know I am always saying it, but once again, thank you! I have had the same lessons on the nature of demons and their abilities to love. When we first come to face them we have these preconceptions that they are incapable of love. I have been shon that is immensely incorrect and unfair to them. Like all the other accusations made by the Christian paradigm we are born into. They do love deeply. But I have also been being shown the nature of that love is indeed not that frilly love that is weak and accepts all. I am not able to verbalize it as well as you, but it is a desire based and driven kind of love. I guess that is how I’d word it. You show me that i am growing. But you also give me direction to help continue that growth. I see that we also have a similar background (interest) in psychology and i guess sociology and human in interaction dynamics. I don’t know why, but this makes me happy. Thank you for the map. I will use this part well too. But I probably won’t post about it! Lol!

Ik this is a horrible necro but have you had any luck with this?

I’ve had some good results with various things for which work like this was the foundation, but nothing most people would be interested in. :slight_smile:


Just had to pop in and say great thread!

Helped in me trying to satisfy my occult knowledge crave :+1:


Nice! Glad to hear you made the progress you wanted!!

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Thank You! Bookmarked for later.