Im on the edge right now

I am in debt, and multiple, im doing as much as i can to settle it but the cycle always seems to add to much more debt, i am a motorcycle food delivery rider and im renting motorbikes. Ive gotten into 3 accidents in less than 6 months… getting scammed by rental companies having to borrow money to pay my debts and fuck i am going through a rough patch right now, i have $400 to pay due 19/08. Need advice, anything helps… magickal advice helps too. Any specific ritual to perform whatever, im desperate to make sure nothing happens while i finish paying off this debt.

You don’t need any of what you speak of. You need divination first. Know exactly what’s wrong with your life, know first what’s happening. Why the accidents, why debts upon debts!

Find the reason or cause behind it, then you will know what to do next.

You heard hissing of a snake, then got bitten suddenly. You started locking all doors and windows…the snake is inside already. Find it!



Is there another type of employment you are suited for? Sounds like the current one is causing you even more problems.

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Sometimes the answers aren’t magickal. They are just mundane. Review how all this came about and set yourself goals to get out of it.

That’s true, however magic couldn’t hurt in conjunction with the mundane right?

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I’d recommend some type of uncrossing/ cleansing work to remove anything that’s on you. Then you could follow up with some type of attraction work.

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There’s some tried & tested stuff here: Money Spells (And Other Workings) That Yielded Results


The situation got even worse, high possibility i will be in 14,000 SGD of Debt, im going nuts right now im working my ass off and i have to pay this shit off my Saturday… im completely fucked

The Angel Lukorst and salas’ash brings money quickly.

Try looking at what @Lady_Eva posted on the forum