Im New. First Night. I want to Regain custody of my kids. And Have sex with anywoman I want and make her desire me and abundace of wealth


There is alot that people take for granted. One can merge the mundane with magick.


  1. Do energy work to cultivate attractive energy.

  2. Do not get stuck on any specific girls…let it flow…cultivate the attitude that you just want to have fun in general, especially with the opposite sex.

  3. So you are detached…there is partially a reason for this…it shows that you value yourself and your own attractive energy, that you can share it with anyone…but are very selective…and yet you do not put too much dead weight on that attitude, because you are a free and open friendly sociable person that likes to spread good energy.

  4. When you cross a girl you like then look at her (don’t oggle) and let the attractive energy naturally flow through the eyes. The prior mindset you cultivate with the energy is important. Then as you conversate let your Eye contact linger just a split second longer as you release the energy… in no way am I focused on forcing the energy mentally, but rather letting it naturally express through my actions and words.

  5. Choose your actions and words carefully. Something as simple as proper eye contact can be magick. Body Language use is Magick. Learn to use it in proper context.

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Would you do a tarot reading for me?

First off breathe it can happen but eligos is good for law sitri for lust and the ed thing they have a pill for that

There is also building good relationships with these demons be a man of your word. They love that

Depends on how you are approaching this. Words in Demonic Tongues should be enough if we are going for the minimalist angle. Sigils definitely help though. Most sigils are from the Spirits anyways. Channel one through. There are a few grimoires in nonphysical realms that may help. I might have a sigil somewhere in a physical grimoire too. I haven’t checked.


What would you like to know?

I want to know about my future

May I private message you on how to evoke a person’s soul?

Sorry, the person you are replying to hasn’t been on the forum since 2018, when he closed his account. He won’t respond. You can click on someone’s profile and check to see if they’re still around.


But damn, The guy who created this thread has his priorities set up straight.