Im in deep trouble and need help

I think what so many people are trying to tell you is that magic is not designed to help you get your shit together. Asmodues helped me overcome many things in my life. He never solved the problem for me. I experienced things worse than losing money. I lost a person to suicide that I loved deeply. I tried to commit suicide three times and finally wass put into a mental hospital. Asmodues showed me how to deal with problems in a more constructive matter. He never took care of my problems for me. The first step to overcoming anything is to separate yourself emotionally from the problem. The truth is my friend is that you have an addiction, one that WILL destroy your life. You must control it insead of it controlling you. A spell in a book will not fix that, even if you did get your money back, if the past is any indication of the future, (and it useally is) wouldn’t you just gamble it back away. You should focus your energy and skills on getting rid of your ADDICTION before you try to fix your financial problem.


It is useless to trim the leaves off your problem. They will just come back bigger and more plentiful. You must attack the root. I hope this makes sense

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Oh, okay… Now i realise…
You said something qbout helping me?

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