I'll Be Creating A Whole Baneful Magick Video Course For Free

I’ll Be Creating A Whole Baneful Magick Video Course For Free - Weekly YouTube Video Installments.

As my way of giving back to the magickal community, I will be creating a whole baneful magick video course.
There will be regular uploads on to my YouTube channel, it will firstly begin with what I believe is a vital part of baneful magick. Tapping into the dark side of the emotional spectrum, I will be touching on a variety of subjects. Wrathful Empowering Meditation, Sigillic attacks, Candle Spell Curses, Fetish Links and so much more.

This will be a long and comprehensive course so I hope you all enjoy, please don’t forget to visit my YouTube page, like, comment, share and most importantly subscribe :blush:



Sounds interesting. I’d very much like to see what sort of methodology you follow when doing baneful workings, especially to see how it compares to my methods for doing things.

So, after having watched your first video in this series, it seems you took the hot route of baneful magicks, and you use thaumaturgical means fairly heavily steeped in eastern-style techniques. Definitely powerful, if slightly imprecise. Great if you don’t care about collateral damage.

I’ve almost always went the cold route for baneful stuff, where you go cold and detached, with a focus on precision. Less powerful, but more focused. The few times I’ve fiddled with wrathful baneful magick there was collateral damage that I didn’t wish for.

One of the books I’ve read on baneful workings called the hot wrathful baneful magick “War magick”, and the cold detached baneful magick “Death magick”. I rather like that sort of thought process on the subject. Ultimately, both are definitely potent when used to their strengths.


Connor…sent you a pm

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No you didn’t

Have you ever achieved results w/baneful magick?

Of course

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Does one have to keep the negative energy external when applying a curse?


This was very interesting - and visceral. I was very interested to see your finger position - I myself have used this in past baneful work, though it makes sense it would be utilized for domination. I personally had always thought i mustve picked it up from some occult literature somewhere and do not think i learned it from a spirit - or did i? :woman_shrugging: Anyway, that was pretty shocking to me, but appreciate seeing its spg.

Anyway, that aside, I was curious as you made a short reference to the work being used against another magician, when you mentioned disciple (?) of Belial - to the point, is there any additional info regarding how to circumvent defenses in place? I have not and do not have any need to perform work against another practitioner, but I had always thought the operation more risky in case certain defensive measures might be in place that smack it back at you. Is this something you will discuss later on? Or is it inconsequential to you?

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If I gave my watch to a former friend and took it back, can I use it to curse them. Does it matter that I used to wear the watch. How long is my energy in that watch?

When you pull someone else’s energy into yourself then blow it into an object, you are putting your own energy into it. Imo, they mix in the metaphysical world.

Thats Why You Fucking Rock Conner Kendall!!!

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Thank you, awesome gift


thank you for those. Will definitely check.