I want to kill a rapist

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***Hello…I am a 32 year old woman who lives in NY. ***

He’s a sociopath demon and I want him gone.
I have little experience working with magic , meaning I’ve lit a candle once or twice and recited some words but I’ve done absolutely no deep energy work, ouija board, contacting spirits , nothing.
I am not remotely well read or studied but I’ve browsed enough to know that I could ruin myself and suffer for the rest of my life (and into the next) if I do this wrong.

I need guidance.

This person has a history of sexually assaulting women and is threatening violence against my bf who is such a good loving man .
This sociopath has destroyed our relationships with others in our circle and continues to be protected and supported by others. I want him absolutely erased.


Call on Lucifer, ask him to shine light on this person’s crimes, call upon the Archangel Gabriel to pass judgment, eat a sandwich, enjoy your day.


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The challenge with simply shining a light on his crimes is that it has already happened.
Everyone knows what this man is and what he has done…they don’t care. He’s a sociopath so charm and extroversion are one thing keeping him protected, second, because of who he is connected to/ingratiated with he is protected, third , the culture of misogyny and demonizing girls and women keeps him protected and has so for years while he continues to do harm.


Hiya OP! The next question you should ask yourself is how much time/effort you’re willing to sink into making him good and erased, smoldering in his shoes; could you live with yourself if you devote a massive amount of time to this, but fail, and something happens to your boyfriend? Or if the target leaves behind an innocent/child relative who commits suicide out of grief due to the loss of this person? I’m not trying to deter you from peeling apart this scum at the molecular level, but I am trying to get you to address the possibilities involved so you screen them for any of the following emotions (aka the “enemy trinity”): doubt, shame, remorse.

When it comes to making good and certain someone is exiled from earth, you have to abandon all other focuses and thoughts. This means you have to convert yourself into an unstoppable force processing reality to attain your objective- you have to murder each and every version of yourself that would feel any shred of doubt, shame, or remorse at obliterating the everloving shit out of someone, or it will kickback to you in some amount. When you’ve completely erased those enemy emotional responses from yourself to any scenario that could involve the target, optionally but optimally any emotional response to them, whatsoever, you’re clear to take aim with certainty the only way your work is getting reversed is by being overpowered.

That being said, even with no skill, there are a few ways to target a system for complete dissolution. The simplest are petitions. It is quite literally just a matter of writing out a letter to an entity as you would a person, either asking them for help or promising some sort of payment upon manifestation of the (extremely specified) end product. Think of it like choosing to ask for a grant, store product, or try to flat out convince them; sometimes even if they aren’t convinced they’ll act, if minimally, to acknowledge your effort. The more you’re willing to put on the line for the manifestation of the end product, the more specific you can predictably be and the more power that will be drawn to respond to your request. In non-worship systems, effort is usually reciprocated with effort, and a low budget way to do this is creativity and craftsmanship.

A less easy way is to hold a funeral for the person, with as much authenticity as you can afford to create but definitely including a burial and acknowledgement of their deeds in life and that a passing on has occurred. You get less specific control, but you entangle them with the initial post-death state, which locks them out of the ability to change their own reality as it slips out of their grasp. Spirits feed on and augment this process.

Last but not least, a cheeky fun way to turn someone into a shitter is found in the Berserk manga. Ever hear of a Brand of Sacrifice? Ritually, in the presence of hungry and powerful shadows and/or during an (most powerfully solar, that you’re physically in the totality of) eclipse, you let the spirits into and through you to channel a sigil onto an enlivened and entangled photo of the target, which thereby dedicates each fabric and quanta of their lives to the spirits of the eclipse, the true demons. This marks them for a fate worse than death! No spoilers though. :slight_smile:


If I call on the right demons, is there an ideal astrological period?
I’m wondering if the next mercury in retrograde happening oct 31-nov 20 will work. I’ll also need to use protections for me and my bf. I want us protected first from any unanticipated backlash or unforeseen consequences. My bf is a very good successful man, I’d be devastated to get him hurt more than I already have by making him challenge a community of rape enablers.

Thanks so much for your thorough response. You touched on something that concerned me before I even made this post: weakness.
I’m an empathetic, thoughtful, loving person. That’s why it was so easy for this predator to exploit, assault and degrade me. It’s the violation and betrayal of my nature that I primarily want him dead for because …fuck that. I know that my good heart is a gift and for a snake to use it as an opening to harm me makes me bloodthirsty. However it will take work to set my heart on a shelf to execute this task. And I fear that if I succeed I’ll never get it back and move through the rest of my life bleak and hollow. I’m already in so much pain, but I know it can get worse beyond what I’ve ever imagined.


Solar eclipses that you are in the totality of are the strongest sources of demonic energy on the planet.

But you don’t need to use demons to demolish this guy, in fact I’d say don’t because you want him absolutely erased and most spirits aren’t willing to go to such lengths, at least, without a massive enough power source to make the machine worth it. You also indicated a desire to protect you and your boyfriend; I’d say if you’re going to involve any spirits in this, put them on that task so your lives aren’t shattered by a wayward bullet.

If you want to deny any trace of him from existing in reality, you need to be using spells and be especially good at targeting them. Most people would just cast a death hex, sometimes it works but it is more consistent to do it yourself and do it hard- hit like a black op. This is why you have to turn off your heart to truly erase someone, because it requires a state beyond what most consider successful curses; you have to go beyond your humanity to get results outside of human expectations. I’m not talking about reducing this person to a homeless starving addict, I am talking about destroying the very reality identified as the target; this is how you drop someone from the world. You can ritually embody and slay, or even cannibalize for optimal results, your own heart- doing this ritual even once, while visualizing the process of ripping out and eating your own heart, allows you to access the state with little resistance when performing the visualization. You mentioned being afraid of the inability to access your own heart once turned off- the point of this kind of ritual would be for that when you are done, you simply play the visualization in reverse, or, you can pump food and water full of heart and sympathetic energy to reactive those feelings (if you’re especially worried, charge some bottles of happiness and openness water before you perform the ritual the first time).

Brutal though it is, it’s necessary to go beyond the threshold of normality to truly perform magic. By convincingly imagining the eating of your own heart, you unconsciously focus the energies that constitute the concepts involved and pattern them- that’s magic, getting your total being to act as one through layers of effort and emphasis.

I have the intuition that you’re capable of doing it, you just need the know-how, self-confidence, doubtlessness, and tools. :slight_smile:

He violated your nature, so, in my opinion, it is only right for you to have the pleasure of dissolving his into cosmic oblivion. :slight_smile:


And to answer your question about time, I’ve been sitting on this for 2 and half years already from the time he assaulted me. Everyday wracking my mind for ways to get justice through the proper channels while protecting the me and my partners best interests at the same time. My most recent failure at getting justice and being shown by my community how little they care and will continue to protect a monster has plunged me deeper into torment. I was already near obsessive about this and now it’s amplified. that’s why I am here now. I’ve already been shown that I will continue to have it rubbed in my face how flagrantly this beast knows he can get away with what he did while those in a position to do something also flagrantly show how little I matter.

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If you can imagine every possible scenario that could make you sympathetic, in any respect, towards anyone associated with him on any level- being victim of any crime, injury, torture, misery, etc- and have a null psychological and physiological response to their screaming and sobbing in pain and sorrow, then, you can act ritually with certainty that it’s not going to backfire. If you can assemble legitimate feelings of ‘his/their lives or mine’ and of a need to have unmistakable confirmation he has passed from this world (this part right here, super fucking important, it is conceptually unmistakable as to what energy is being elicited here) , well, you’ll kill him. :slight_smile:

You know how everyone and their mother emphasizes will as an important part of seeing your result wrought? There’s a lot about it they don’t mention, though I don’t know why. When I say ‘will’, I mean you need to have unwavering intent, and when I say that, I mean you need to do the exercise I just outlined and create those feelings within yourself, as well as the certainty on your whole existence that you’re going to erase every last bit and scrap of his miserable excuse of a life. What you’re trying to do is create a bodily response to the target similar to that of a wall- just a thing in your way, a thing that you’re going to render nonexistent by force.

Getting into this state can be difficult, but, if properly activated and executed, you don’t need any spirits except to share the energy toll; you could elect to only use battery talismans. It is the obstacle removing state par excellence, when you can perceive the objective on the other side of or as destroying a wall. Ganesh taught it to me! :slight_smile:


Qayos your answers are so helpful. I have a lot to think about now.
He does have a young daughter, and I know her mother as well who is not currently with him. I don’t know what kind of relationship he has in reality with his kid but he likes to play it up on social media like he’s a great dad …all while sexually assaulting and abusing girls behind closed doors. Any little girl with that kind of dad isn’t losing too much in my opinion, but I have to find out whether this kid is supported financially by him more so than her mom…FUCK!! There I go with my habit of thinking of others that got me into this predicament to begin with. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:.
I will also look into whether I can hire someone for this. I’m looking through the forums and may go to a psychic to see if she has suggestions. I know it’ll cost me a lot of money. But to get it done right with all the protections in place is worth it.


Before doing that, and you can, evaluate yourself first. Sometimes such occult practices for vengeance have a nasty impact on the person intending them.

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Yea I know that’s why I’m seeking help. I’d hire someone if I could find a trusted talented source. Someone who has already done the work of successfully employing skills and forces to protect themselves against unintended consequences. I am not that person…at all.

But what does it mean to elevate yourself first in this context? Does that refer to using Magick?

I think the first thing I’ll do is find someone powerful to put in place a protection around my bf in particular so nothing tragic happens to him while I pursue Baneful Magick.

Qayos said this and it reminded me that this predator I want to target is a textbook sociopath, which means he doesn’t feel empathy or shame. That’s why he could abuse people he’s supposedly close to like me and my BF and feel completely entitled and unapologetic about it.
This also means that if he were the one in my position looking to curse me, he’d do it without blinking.
This emboldens me.
I already feel cursed by what he did, I have been judged, abandoned and insulted by many people I used to like and wanted to like me. I am already cursed by reliving what he did everyday, cursed to see him comfortable and untouched in our community, cursed to see my bfs image as a man tarnished because of his girl falling prey to a lurking weasel.

No, first you have to realise that you are not separate from the person your are trying to harm. You are not actually above or below this individual no matter how distasteful it may seem. If you were truly separate you cannot do anything using magick. You must first acquire self-knowledge and realise how conditions are produced directly from consciousness.
However, not every perspective can immediately accept this, so you can go ahead and try to use aggressive ritual work. If you do, take that route, try to make it justice based not vengeance based and let whatever happens, happen. Ask for true knowledge–that’s always self-knowledge.


Ooooohhh I see. That’s a compelling point. I am not really separate, or above him… :thinking::thinking:

Hm. I’m not one to stand in the way of one killing a rapist.

I was raped at 14, I cast a curse that ripped that fuckers life away and killed him by 27 (he was 17 at the time.)

Thus… this is what you need:

  • Clear vision
  • Clear force of will

This scum doesn’t need to breathe the same air as us and they deserve nothing for their passing.

So here, I’m going to compose this on here, publicly, and i want any person who has been subject to sexual assault to know that I am there for them if not in person but in spirit.

We. Are. Not. Victims.


3 black candles
2 red
1 white
Palo Santo

Inscribe the black candles with his name and his Crimes.
Inscribe the red with your intent.
Inscribe the white with the outcome.

I summon the furies,
I summon the fates as they be,
I call upon justice as my duty,

[his name] has wronged,
Hear my case, send him gone,
This debt must be paid,
Neuter him on this day,

All the pain he has caused,
Rise to the surface on this night,
Bury him in the ground he walks,
End swiftly his blight,

May he sleep in a coffin tight.


Bury everything in a graveyard and stomp, scream and shout over it. And I mean dig into your deepest, darkest rage.

Repeat the incantation/modify it as many times as you see fit.

End that fucker.


No, I vehemently disagree to your point of universalism.

Don’t let shit slide, people know exactly what they’re doing. It’s the truth. Witches, magicians, whatever you want to call yourself/ourselves are forces of karma. Whether we want to be or not is a question for debate. But at its core, I 100% believe that the original poster of this thread, if having the impulse to do the magic she/he wishes to do, should absolutely do it.

If you feel the compulsion to do so then the deity or demon you need will step forward to help. Particularly if your cause is just, and from what it sounds like, it is indeed.

I do not like those who prey on people, and will not stand for it.