I thought your soul could not be sold

It is in fact they who “sell their souls”. :rofl:

“Selling your soul” is mostly metaphorical I believe. Each time you perform or do something that affects your integrity, will affect your soul — essentially the more integrity you lose, the more you are giving your soul out.

Acts of depravity will ultimately lead an individual to “lose” his soul — in whatever he wishes to achieve with his morbid flesh, is to attain a forbidden desire that will essentially rot you away. There’s a balance to everything. Integrity is quite valuable.

Selling you soul is metaphorical and in a way literal. In doing so you’re basically selling yourself into the service of another for a limited or permanent time. They would have a mark on your soul that can be their own sigil or any symbol they want to put that shows they own you.

So in a way selling your soul is possible. You don’t lose your soul and become soulless that’s the common misconception I think many have about it.

Depending on the terms your spiritual life or current life can be whatever the entity wants it to be.

The entity that sold their soul to me in a past life became my guardian entity for a while but we’re more friends than anything now.


An entity sold their Soul to you? I did not know you could be on the other end of it

Why wouldnt be that possible? We have souls as well.Not every spirit is an overpowered king either.

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I’ve just never heard of it, I have had a spirit try to buy my Soul in past but I fought him off for 6 hours all night

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You need to think maybe Velenos was something different than a human in past incarnations as well.


Yea that’s what came to my mind, kinda like me, but I guess I’m speaking from my pov, I’ve never had the interest in buying a Soul, I wouldn’t feel too good

It could become the property of another spirit , then you’d serve that spirit

It was my life as my true self so you’re right


may i ask if you have royal blood?


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well…when i talk about royal blood, i mean in this incarnation as well as others, if you prefer to pm im up for it

In other reincarnations not human ones, spiritual ones yes. In this life I have ancestral ties to a late Hungarian conqueror and African royalty but it’s not to a point it affects me.

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do you know who by any chance? Egyptian?

it makes sense

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I do have Egyptian heritage as well. As for who not sure yet still researching my family history.

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oh cool