I think I have a negitive energy around me or parasite

So long story short two nights ago I used a spirit box and stuff with my friend in her back room. She says there is a shadow man back there. I felt the energy and it wasn’t good. Ever since I came home I have been feeling bad vibes in my home and having bad intrusive thoughts. I’m not sure what this is. I know I’m kind of at a low vibration right now because i have been going through a lot of stuff and I’ve been depressed. I’m scared something from that night might have latched into me. It doesn’t feel good at all. The thoughts I get in my head are not mine at all. I have a feeling it’s a shadow person or some kind of parasite. What can I do to figure out what this is ? My astral abilities aren’t so great yet but I can pick up on the vibes 100 percent and it doesn’t feel good. I am gonna sage my house.
I’ve been starting to work with demons so I don’t think it’s a demon doing this to me. I think it might be a malevolent parasite or something.

What ways could I maybe go about finding out what it is? I just want this negitive energy out of my life. So far it’s just bad vibes where I had to leave my house in broad day light cause I felt like 100 eyes on me and didn’t feel welcomed at all.

I’m still relatively new to working with magick so I feel really overwhelmed. Maybe it could all be myself patching myself out. But if there really is a parasite attached to me I want to get rid of this. Sorry if this post is all over the place. My mind is all out of wack.

Like is there any kind of meditation I could do to see what the thing is and try to banish it? Or is there any entity I could call on to help me get rid of it?

If anyone can help me out at all I would really appreciate it. I don’t know anyone in real life that can really help me on this.



Learn basic banishing methods, you can find them in the search bar… also,

Try is out


For me banishing is a simple thing, no rituals or chants just myself, saying … In the name of the highest power I banish all negative thoughts, cords, parasites, entities, spirits that do not serve my highest good now!

repeat that 4x especially before bed and upon arising in the morning.



Thank you I appreciate your help. I’ll look into that


I have a few recommendations.

  1. Obtain holy water blessed by a priest, and sprinkle it around your house, especially in the corners of your home.

  2. Evoke the Archangel Michael, he’s very good at spiritual defense.

  3. You can go room to room and visualize a golden-white light expanding and filling the room. As this light fills each room, visualize all the negativity and darkness being eradicated and obliterated by the expanding light.


Thank you for your response. Can I use holy water if I envoke and talk to demons though ?

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That’s up to your discretion. I don’t believe any ill effects will surface, but if you don’t want to use it, that’s fine too. I gave you the three separate exercises so that whatever you were most comfortable with would still result in a purified home.

Powerful, simple, and reliable. My go to banishing method.


My advice…
Ground the room with stones that are grounding (make sure they are energetically clean) to eliminate residual energies from previous rituals.
You can also sage/incense a room.
There are many ways to ground/cleanse a room.