I really hate the horror genre - nasty stereotypes about daemons and black magicians

It will be a while before that happens. We tend to see the stereotypes in movies because it appeals to the masses. Hollywood is all about money, they couldn’t care less about what people perceive to be the truth. The stereotypes we see in movies, tv shows, etc is what appeals to the masses and that appeal is what makes the money.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less what people think about me and what I practice. I don’t tell people what I do, but if it were to somehow come out, I don’t have to explain myself, and if I do and they don’t like it, that’s their problem.

Can’t let what people think about what you do affect you.


Do you live in a forest? Because I spent the first 20 years of my life growing up in the backwoods and swampland of North Carolina. Let me tell you, the forest is not forgiving. At best you gain a mutual respect. But never let your guard down in the woods or you may not come back out.


I went camping a couple of times and the woods are scary as shit at night. During the day though they can be quite peaceful.

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You make a good point. Yes, mother nature can be unforgiving but the challenges posed by nature tend to make one stronger. I’ve read of one magical sect that incorporates living off the land for a predetermined amount of time as part of their initiation and that’s probably not just because the flowers smell nice and more as an ordeal. Maybe I idealize nature to some extent though. I’m in the process of incorporating more of it in my life and so far its been healing, peaceful and magical at the places I go.

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horror genre is entertainment. Not meant to be true to real life. It’s also great because it scares people to not go into these tools of magick. Imagine everyone knowing about magick? God how awful it would be for an apocolypse of baneful magicks all over the place. Not everyone is mature enough to handle magick powers.

I see horror shows as a check and balances. Only those who aren’t gullible to believe tv shows will find the truth on their own. And those will be folks that deserve such powers to help them. Not some immature kids thinking they are harry potter in the making. lol

Then again from which culture? i see asian cultures have more realistic psychological horror rather than hack and slash killing of american horror.

Horror genre is great marketing for demons/angels/spirits/entity. You would not of learn about them if horror genre don’t exist.


I personally love horror movies🤷‍♀️ It makes me laugh and i love the thrill… one of my favorites is As Above So Below its a really nice movie. But i understand where you’re coming from… my aunt found out i was into “occultism” and she immediately thought i was joining a cult… she thought that i was just going to be used to make kids for people to have sex with, she thought i was going to be a sacrifice😂 it definitely does put a stereotype on things but you have to deal with that, there is a stereotype on everything… people call high school girls who go to starbucks “basic white girls” and it dumb yea but you have all the stereotypes in this world and horror movies place one on demons, cults, magick, and everything like that… you really shouldn’t feel the need to be offended but no-one can tell you not to be🤷‍♀️ Thats entirely up to you


In my opinion if we’re getting offended by pop culture representations of entities then it’s best to not be too attached to the practice in such a way. Entertainment is entertainment and demons are like DK said.

But also black magicians do try and be like the shit on tv lol all “embrace the darkness” and “nothing matters but darkness mmmmm demons”


I’ve often thought that demons would appreciate it if we got together and made a reverse diabalo style game. What I mean is, what if the big scary looking demon comes up from “hell” to save someone from themselves as the “final boss.” On his/her way up, the demon collects other demon “friends” and powers through various challenges (in combat or otherwise) starting from hell and working upward towards the surface world.
To make sure nothing goes to waste we should use an open source license for all code and assets, think of it like a pact, that way no one can run away and waste it. I really think we could do this since we have such a diverse community here with so many different talents and interests, it would give us all a chance to practice our skills both mundane and magical, feed our growing egos (I’m sure most of us could use an ego boost) and make ourselves immortal through creating a timeless work of art.


It isn’t only horror movies that use demons. Right now, the game “Obey Me” is super popular, and it uses demons as characters. There is a game called “Seduce Me” about incubi and another called Demonheart. IIRC demons are popular right now in romance novels. I think they are probably even less accurate than in horror movies, but if you are looking for “naughty”, demons fit the bill for writers. So, you don’t have to worry that they are always being portrayed badly.

I honestly dont think any of it matters to the spirits and it lies more in our own biases and sensitivities of the subject at hand. Like @Velenos said its entertainment. Its an aesthetic designed to make money, and like any person, spirit, entity or etc there’s always room for creative freedom to portray something other than what it is.
This is not a pipe. This is a painting.

This is not Pazuzu, this is an actor in an artistic portrayal for a movie

Point being is to accept what is art as a representation and not what is actually experienced in life but as what is purely for entertainment purposes. If it doesnt entertain you, then ignore it or create your own version of the entertainment.


Lots of Qliphothic beings love and enjoy horror films and some educate the spirits of dead people who seek wisdom and Ascension. It’s all about flesh and blood

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And potential new occutists.

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Why not see it within a more wider spectrum? How these spirits, entities, demons and angels are depicted is of less importance. The important thing is that they are depicted in the first place. It raises interest and awareness of these spirits, which is something they seems to appreciate on a more broader sense.

Did you know that Lilith is the main antagonist in the upcoming action rpg game Diablo IV? Do you think she like that? She might not agree of how she could be depicted in that game, but she’s given quite a lot of attention and awareness of her mythological personality. And this is a huge franchise with millions of gamers that will get this game when it’s released. Any attention is beneficial, whether it’s positive or negative.



I like the Lilith picture you got here

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There are different magickal models to explain why magick works, very very short explanations are as follows.

Spirit Model (magick works b/c of sprits), Energy Model ( chi, vril … you affect them and get the results) Psychological Model( magick is in your head model, you manipulate subconscious and hence reality ); and information model ( quantum world and hologram and your acts are like scripts, lines added to the huge eternal software)

All of these models have somehow in line with duality of the universe, like atoms you have + protons - electrons … you need both to have the atoms, so in that manner, Angels can be bad, Demons can be good. Like möe you and all of us, we have people that we hated but they are the loved ones of someone else. Things are binary at the end but this is only for a moment, otherwise, everything is mostly gray. So @DarkestKnight is right in his definition. there is no ultimate good or bad not just in that realm nor in the other realms.

As for the depictions, they are generally and must be in conformity with society’s belief, with our common subconscious and depictions.

In my understanding, these are all false because I believe that spirits exist in the higher dimensions and we may never grasp correctly, as long as we are bound to that 3rd dimension their true forms so whatever you see it’s just our imagination and As @Prophet says no one cares. I may imagine you as a young boy with red hair, you may imagine me as a white boy with tattoos on his arms. Whatever. Does it matter after all… no… it’s all in our head and we just guess.

You may watch the video below to see what I mean about dimension and how it affects to forms An old and good video by Carl Sagan.

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