I need someone to help me conjure emperor lucifer

Hello guys. I need help in summoning emperor lucifer with candle. And how to pact with him my third eye is not open

Check out the BALG FAQ for answers, they’re already there.


Yeah i know it but i need some guidelines like offering to him and etc

You can ask him what he wants in return for your deal.


Bro asking him for his demand can cuz something bad because what i need is not a small thing

No it will not. Do not limit yourself with limiting beliefs.

If you want something from Lucifer, simply ask him and then he will detail the terms of your agreement. He won’t do that if you don’t take up the courage to ask him first.


I have candle but i dont have incense can i go on

If you can’t communicte with him, don;t make a pact, is my STRONG advice, unless you can afford to hire a magician to do this and run messages between you.

It’s like ordering a mail-order bride from a far away land without seeing her photo and she turns out to have all the charm of an angry snake, and brings her entire family of thugs when she arrives.

Do not bind yourself to the unknown, it will lead to worse problems than any you may have now.

Try this, see if the seal opens, that will tell you whether you and Lucifer may work well together:

Read this so you know what to expect:

Third eye/psychic sight is a process, not an event, like building muscle, so you have to do the work before the results start to show. :+1:


@Lady_Eva always if i try opening the sigil it takes just a second for it to open and i communicate with him but i want to feel his presence well and make a pact with him also i need help in opening my third eye/astral eyes

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That is a good sign. :+1:

Evocation is the next step for many people, each time you do magick your sight grows stronger.

Try this method first: structuring wards.

Once you can do that (which is also an exercise in using magickal sight) you can then create an image of Lucifer and evoke him into that image, like evoking a spirit into an idol that represents them.

This should boost your ability to see him and to hear him, and then any pact you make will be much more solid and successful, once you can communicate.


Thanks @Lady_Eva i will do that and i will be talking to you for more info concerning the image

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@Lady_Eva i want to summon him using candle and his incantation
Uberaca tasa biasa icar lucifer

I do not know a faster or better way then evocation by structuring a form, but maybe someone else can assist with that. :+1:


Okay @Lady_Eva thanks a lot

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Seconded, I did this thinking I could communicate with them, and then I realized I was not communicating with them and did not know what I was doing and am confused now


C. Kendall put this and this up recently.

It’s not that hard to find answers to your question.

Use the :mag: button, there’s a lot more info to be found


Why restrict yourself only to candle?

What makes you think Lucifer prefers candle?

Perhaps, other ways are better?

Eg, you can try the pathworking in the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, by Theodore Rose.