I feel like an outsider

I read this forum and see people having successes with tried and tested spirits. When I have tried methods such a sigil gaziing, full evocations, gordan winterfields methods, nothing has produced the results I have wanted.

I would love to communicate with spirits but nothing really works for me while it works for others here.

It can take years of practice for some people. It did for me.

Everyone is born with natural talents. Magick comes easily to some, in the same way others have a facility for mathematics, but, with study and practice, anyone can gain proficiency.

As Belial once told me: “Spirit (meaning the Greater You) moves in its own time and cannot be rushed. All things will be opened up when the time is right, and not before.”


I was in your same situation not that long ago. I made my biggest breakthroughs when I stopped stressing and just said to my self, “This is going to work. This will work. I’m a mother fucking god and reality is my bitch!”


In the link below, I did a walk-through for a member teaching how to begin creating simple wards, this is the kind of magick I developed naturally as a child and requires zero equipment, it will aid your visualisation skills as well:


I would seriously recommend taking the mastering divination course that Balg offers. This teaches foundational skills not just for divination but evocation too.


How have you successfully learned things in the past? Are there any methods or frameworks from past successes studying or teaching yourself that you can bring over to this?


You need just to be patient. You will find that some things works for you. Many things will not work but this must not hesitate you. For example some entities will come to you even without meditation but others will not answer to you at all.

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I recommend that you don´t restrict yourself to inside a box, think outside a box. Don´t put yourself inside the box like so many tend to do. Also, if you are creative(I´m a fairly certain that everybody has some form of creative ability), explore it.


Learn a banishing. Deliver it ‘Get Fucked!’ style. ‘Piss off! Get out!’
Now you have a clean(er) space. Evoke from memory. If you break a sweat - fantastic! Did you feel the hairs on your body rise up?
Because you’re new I’m asking you to trust me so that in time you too will know - They always come when called. Always!

This is great advice honestly expressed. I concur.
And if your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it right. I wasted so many years before I learnt that. So many years. The path is long and dangerous.
Drugoy is ‘the other’.



Work on your theta waves.
You won’t see entities without years of practice. Some people just learn faster than others.

An outsider you are not. Everybody has struggles in different areas. Trying too hard can actually be a hinderance. Take a step back from spirit contact and work on these areas:

Theta-Gamma Sync
Energy Work and how to utilize your chakras and Kundalini

If you can afford the Mastering Evocation course that BALG has, that would be a game changer if you haven’t gone too in depth on Evocation.

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